My Quality Story


Dad's Toolbox

by Jannusch, Larry

It's kind of strange that I got into the quality field because of my dad's tools....

A Necessity To Compete Globally

by Yusof Sha’ri

One of the most important things about quality is to hold on to the quality philosophy. Having been trained at Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors I began to see the contrast between America’s luxury style and Japan’s no waste society....

A Sailing Metaphor

by Girard, Gilles

Spring has finally settled in beautiful rural Pennsylvania. This morning, I am driving to my new contract assignment....

The Right Place At the Right Time

by Prevette, Steven S.

My first exposure to quality came as a U.S. Navy submarine officer. As it holds a nuclear reactor and submerges under a lot of seawater pressure, a submarine has many quality issues....

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