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One Good Idea: Personnel Frustrations

by Broomfield, Glen

The low-staffing pains you’re feeling are likely a product of your organization having a personnel-dependent system rather than a process-based management system....

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One Good Idea: Don’t Risk It

by Niles, Kim

Learn a four-step method for proper risk management. The benefits of conducting proper risk management easily justify why organizations must ramp up their assessment efforts, and this author’s model can make it an ongoing project....

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One Good Idea: It’s Elementary

by Barsalou, Matthew

A root cause investigation doesn't always result in a clear path to the root cause. To overcome this, you can follow separate lines of evidence to the point that they join together: a point of convergence called a consilience....

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One Good Idea: See the Full Spectrum

by Krishnappa, Umesh

To eliminate faults from reappearing, fault data spectrum is a tool that can monitor the effectiveness of corrective actions on a continuous basis....

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One Good Idea: Situation Control

by Levinson, William A.

The law of the situation is the idea that employees prefer direction from tasks instead of people. Despite someone having the formal authority to give orders, gaining employees’ willing cooperation is better achieved through the law of the situation....

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One Good Idea: Agile Quality

by Johnstone, Jim

Twelve software-development principles can create more product value in less time. Agile software development can be applied to organizations looking to replace rigid, document-heavy development processes that are cumbersome and bureaucratic....

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One Good Idea: The Statement Problem

by Kush, Max

Correcting a poorly performing process starts with understanding the gap between what is and what should be occurring in the process. By answering the five Ws, a problem statement can investigate and resolve the gap quickly and at the lowest cost....

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One Good Idea: Structure With Speed

by Danielsson, Emma

The secret to Green Belt projects is to fulfill the need for structure in a project without drowning in details. One way to do this is to use the cause and effect matrix in combination with a risk map....

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One Good Idea: Some Sage Advice

by Spooner, Art

For several years, I’ve had an Albert Einstein quote written on the whiteboard in my office: “If I only had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.”...

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One Good Idea: Fishing for an Answer

by Barsalou, Matthew

The selection of the correct statistical test is a critical element when conducting statistical analysis--plugging numbers into the wrong test will deliver the wrong answer....

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One Good Idea: FMEA to the Rescue

by Tate, Joe; Foraker, Wayne

Quality professionals in higher education have traditionally centered the quality discussion around curriculum instruction and the central role of faculty. spectrum at higher learning institutions....

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One Good Idea: Concerning the CUSUM

by Shper, Vladimir

It is well known that the cumulative sum technique is one of the most widely used for data analysis. The technique is usually recommended for monitoring the changes in process characteristics....

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