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One Good Idea: Stir Up Trouble

by Annamalai, V.E.

There are many problem-solving tools at our disposal, whether it’s reverse brainstorming or a TRIZ technique that instructs the user to “do it in reverse.” I’ve used a similar tool, which my former company called “creating the trouble.”...

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Building a Consensus

by Laman, Scott

A new tool, the consensus chart, can drive improvement activities identified during the development or operation of a quality system process....

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Gimme Five

by Harkins, Ray

By integrating 5S into the culture of your lab, you will see landmark improvements in the performance of those who work there, while setting an example of excellence for your entire organization to follow....

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Easy as 1, 2, 3 (4, 5)

by Rindfuss Ellis, Deborah

Visual memory aids can be very useful. For example, we can use our five fingers to remember the five major sections of the ISO 9001 standard....

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One Good Idea: Beyond Sensors and Scopes

by Dodson, Annie

Technicians in a testing lab had access to some of the most powerful microscopes and analytical technology available. But, until they employed lean tools, they couldn’t see the solution to a problem that had challenged them for years....

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One Good Idea: Chart Smart

by Gojanovic, Tony

One of the greatest challenges with consumer data is to make sense of it. A particularly useful way to summarize consumer call-in information is the control chart, which can transform data into a time-series graph, along with an estimate of noise....

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