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One Good Idea: Compliance Requirement Matrix

by Chow, Alan

One of the best pre-audit tools is the compliance requirement matrix (CRM), which can be used to verify compliance requirements for any regulation. The CRM is useful at any stage of the quality system....

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One Good Idea: Compliance Requirement Matrix-Expanded Table

by Chow, Alan

Compliance Requirement Matrix for Medical Device QSR of 21 CFR Part 820 (Abridged)....

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One Good Idea: Process Optimization for Service Organizations Isn't Rocket Science

by Scott, John

The following is intended for service industry people who are mostly clueless about quality improvement. (You manufacturing people can skip the page because you already get this, right?)...

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One Good Idea: Under One Roof

by Sedlock, Ronald

Quality function deployment (QFD) is a great tool for designing a business based on the voice of the customer. Many quality tools are multifaceted....

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One Good Idea: Indirect Measurement--Exchanging Certainty for Dividends

by Harkins, Ray

The indirect route is often the best way to go. Direct measurement applies a standard directly to a characteristic to measure it....

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One Good Idea: The Probability of Reoccurrence: P(r)

by Owens, Dennis R.

Bob, the quality manager at Acme Co., was sent a supplier corrective action request(SCAR) from Acme's largest customer. Bob assembled a team of engineers to identify the problem and determine a root cause....

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One Good Idea: 60 Minutes To A Solution

by Redmond, Matt

We’ve all been in those meetings. You know the type: Everyone knows what the problem is. Lots of ideas are chewed on and spit out. The group shares anecdotal experiences about the problem, but nobody records anything....

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