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Let's Accentuate the Positive

by Kobayashi, Kay

As a quality practitioner, I have learned problem based management is pretty much the standard. So when I was introduced to a positive approach known as appreciative inquiry (AI), I was initially intrigued by it and eventually embraced it....

Inefficiency With the Best of Intentions

by Allen, Jay

As quality professionals, we are all familiar with lean thinking. We have spent years, sometimes decades, trying to find waste and eliminate it. But did you ever wonder how the waste got there?...

Work Learning In

by May, Matthew

Today, I’m at my desk getting things done. I’m working. Tomorrow, I’m going to an off-site workshop. I’ll be learning.” Work today, learn tomorrow, and never the two shall meet, right?...


by Westcott, Russ

Forty-three people from diverse industries, with a wide range of credentials and work experiences, were hired to form an internal consulting unit within a large organization. From the outset it was obvious the individuals' egos would be problematic....

What a Bubble Plot Can Do for You

by Gojanovic, Tony

As an industrial statistician, I believe the majority of insights into manufacturing problems can be gleaned from simple graphical displays. One exploratory graphical tool with high potential for revealing patterns in data is the bubble plot....

Craft a Meaningful Quality Policy

by Owens, Dennis R.

One way to align a quality management system policy with its objectives is to use the Ishikawa cause and effect (CE) method. These five steps will help management effectively structure a meaningful and integrated quality policy....

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