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Column: One Good Idea: The Importance of Improved Design

by Gander, Mary

How product design affects significant factors in manufacturing

When a company learned that they were losing money manufacturing the most expensive winch in their catalog, they contacted a local professor of design for...

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Column: One Good Idea: Break the Cycle

by Sharma, Anand

To eliminate inventory stockpiles, manufacturers need to align themselves with marketplace demand

Although the prospects of an economic recovery encourage some manufacturers to take steps so that they can meet increased demands when it comes, it is far more useful to synchronize production with current demand rather than with projected need, and to...

Encourage Employee Participation

by Hassounah, Jamil

How tangible, visible actions help deploy quality initiatives

Even though top management had informed everyone about the importance of achieving ISO 9000 registration, the employees were too busy with other priorities. The executive managers had the opportunity to translate their stated commitment into visible actio...

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Column: One Good Idea: 5 Steps to Savings

by Gallagher, Sherri

Improve efficiency and morale by implementing a program based on the 5S's

The 5S's: the name comes from the five Japanese words that mean to sort (seri), organize (seitor), clean (seisu), standardize (seiketisu) and improve the standards and show respect (shitsuke). This low cost, simple system can...

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Column: One Good Idea: Can You Trust Your Data?

by Lackey, Jeffery I.

Use control charts to find manual data entry...

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Column: One Good Idea: Eight Steps to a New Performance Measurement System

by Andersen, Bjørn; Fagerhaug, Tom

Performance is an important part of any measurement based management system

This column is adapted from the authors' book Performance Measurement Explained, published by ASQ Quality Press in...

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