Measurement Matters


Measure for Measure: Where Does It Say That?

by Bucher, Jay L.

I'm amazed by how many experienced, trained, professional calibration personnel do not know what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations say about calibration requirements....

Measure for Measure: Calibration Evaluation

by Shah, Dilip

What do you do when a supplier does not have accreditation to the required quality standard? How about when the particular test or calibration item is not covered under the scope of accreditation?...

Measure for Measure: Well Equipped

by Doty, Stephen; Caldwell, Del

If you're experiencing consistent customer dissatisfaction with your product, it's possible your measurement information may be of such poor quality that it prevents you from making sound decisions related to your product or service....

Measure for Measure: Supplier Demand

by Shah, Dilip

If an organization is registered to ISO 9001 or accredited to ISO 17025, it needs to ensure the inspection, measurement and test equipment it sends out for calibration has measurement traceability. It also needs to evaluate its calibration supplier....

Measure for Measure: Out of Sync

by Bucher, Jay L.

During the holidays, when children everywhere wonder whether they’ll have presents or coal waiting for them on Christmas morning, my thoughts always turn to the concept of good and bad—or, more broadly, to the idea of perception....

Measure for Measure: What Really Counts

by Bucher, Jay L.

People are not stupid, and we are tired of companies trying to fool us. By sifting through the misdirection of the advertisers, we can get to the truth and measure what really counts at work, at home and in our communities....

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