Measurement Matters


Measure for Measure: Distance Leads to Error

by Grachanen, Christopher L.

As most measurement-equipment users know (or should know), all measurements have error contributors (often referred to as measurement uncertainties) associated with the measurement values derived by a measurement process. From the aforementioned example, ...

Measure for Measure: Matter of Life and Death

by Bucher, Jay L.

In too many cases, lack of traceability is a daily occurrence. I'm not talking about the traceability of a batch or lot of product. I’m referring to the traceability of test instruments....

Measure for Measure: Calibration, From Cradle to Grave

by Bucher, Jay L.

"From cradle to grave" is a phrase commonly used in drug development. But it makes just as much sense when talking about calibration, because in nearly every part of our lives, we are exposed to various measurement disciplines and influences....

Measure for Measure: A Clearer Picture With RCA

by Niemann, Craig A.

The next step to crafting a successful quality assurance program is conducting root cause analysis (RCA) to examine the individual nonconformities, and then performing trend analysis to determine the most significant nonconformities and the root cause....

Measure for Measure: Feather in Your QAP

by Niemann, Craig A.

One of the most important functions in a calibration laboratory is the quality assurance program (QAP), which is crucial in creating a culture where technicians buy into using process improvement to produce a quality product....

Measure for Measure: Short Supply

by Grachanen, Christopher L.

ASQ’s Measurement Quality Division (MQD) and the National Conference of Standard Laboratories International (NCSLI) have partnered on several projects to promote and enhance the metrology field with an education and training outreach program for...

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