Measurement Matters


Measure for Measure: Calibration - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Bucher, Jay L.

There are good, bad and ugly calibration programs. Before diving headfirst into particulars, let’s define what calibration is and what it is not....

Measure for Measure: Qualitative Indications From Quantitative Measuring Instruments

by Payne, Graeme C.

When we make measurements with inspection, measuring and test equipment (IM&TE), we assume and expect that all of the measurements are quantitative....

Measure for Measure: Challenges of Instrument Innovations

by Payne, Graeme C.

Humans are innovators. We are always inventing new materials, methods, devices or ideas. From time to time, certain innovations cause major, unforeseen shifts in theory and practice....

Measure for Measure: Managing the Measurement System

by Payne, Graeme C.

ISO 10012:2003 helps you plan your total measurement system....

Measure for Measure: Comparing Specifications Made Easy

by Payne, Graeme

Manufacturers have many different ways to specify the performance of measuring instruments. It is often a struggle for us, the instrument users, to derive useful information from that multitude....

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