Measurement Matters


Measure for Measure: Working With Fixed Value Measurement Standards

by Payne, Graeme

Most instruments for measuring electrical quantities are calibrated by comparing their indication to a value provided by a measurement standard. Usually, the measurement standard can be adjusted to make the unit under test indicate the nominal value....

Measure for Measure: Four Steps to Ensure Measurement Data Quality

by Graham, Robert

Part one of this column, published in July, posed four questions you should ask to ensure your measurements are providing data that are good enough for the given application....

Measure for Measure: Four Steps to Ensure Measurement Data Quality

by Graham, Robert

Millions of measurements are made every day in this country, ranging from the very simple to the extremely complex. Unfortunately, many do not obtain valid results because they make unrealistic assumptions about their measurement capability....

Measure for Measure: Appraiser Variation in Gage R&R Measurement

by Ermer, Donald

In part one of this column, I said if our data analysis is inaccurate, it does not represent the true quality characteristics of the part or product being measured, even if we're using quality improvement tools correctly....

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Measure for Measure: Improved Gage R&R Measurement Studies

by Ermer, Donald

Many manufacturers are using tools like statistical process control (SPC) and design of experiments (DoE) to monitor and improve product quality and process productivity. However, if the data collected are not accurate and precise, they do not...

Measure for Measure: The Metrology Job Description Initiative

by Grachanen, Christopher

Talk to almost any calibration practitioner on the subject of new talent entering the metrology profession and you will probably get the same response: “There are not enough young folks entering the field to replace the...

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