Measurement Matters


Metrology: We Use It Every Day

by Shah, Dilip

I am often asked by friends and family what I do for a living, and when I respond that I consult and train on metrology issues, the familiar response is: “Oh, you do weather predictions!”...

Calibration: Why It's Important

by Payne, Graeme

In my July 2005 installment in this series of articles on calibration, I talked about the trilogy of fast service, high quality and low price....

Calibration: Who Does It?

by Payne, Graeme

This column is the second of three that explore what calibration is, who does it and why it is important. This month's column looks at how calibration is viewed in different ways by different groups....

Calibration: What Is It?

by Payne, Graeme

According to the The International Vocabulary of General and Basic Terms in Metrology (VIM), metrology is "the science and practice of measurement." Metrology is critical to all the physical, chemical and biological sciences and the...

Keep It Internal

by Bucher, Jay

Most people in the metrology community are familiar with calibration laboratories. But what about companies that want to meet the FDA's current good manufacturing practices, comply with the ISO requirements, or strive to find the cure for cancer?...

Rules, Tools and Good Judgment

by Belecki, Norman

We all rely on an ensemble of tools, such as analytical statistics and decision rules, to ensure the quality of our work. But more often than not, when a problem does occur, good judgment is required to resolve it....

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