Measurement Matters


The Need To Use Standard Terminology

by Shah, Dilip

As most readers know, Phil Stein, the originator of this column, died unexpectedly on June 24, 2004. Phil was a good friend and mentor to me as I assumed an active leadership role in the Measurement Quality Division (MQD)....

A Tribute To Phil Stein

by Pearson, Tom

ASQ and the metrology community lost a powerful champion and a wonderful friend with the passing of Philip G. Stein....

Why Buy Accredited?

by Stein, Philip

Using an accredited lab may help you rest assured your results are correct....

Give Us Your Best

by Stein, Philip

While working in the field of laboratory accreditation, I became aware of an issue that seems to confuse almost everyone: deciding what to include in an uncertainty statement....

Column: Measure for Measure: A Response to "Measuring the Land"

by Stein, Philip

In November 2003, I wrote about a surveyor's base line-a method for calibrating measurements of the land (geodesy) and providing traceability of those measurements to national standards ("Measuring the Land," p. 74)....

Measurement Capability

by Stein, Philip

Measurements are made all the time: in processes, to see how well work is progressing and in commerce. Most of the time, we trust these measurements are adequate for the task....

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