Measurement Matters


Column: Measure for Measure: Measuring the Land

by Stein, Philip

A few kilometers from where I live is New Jersey's last remaining base line, and it's threatened by road construction designed to handle an increase in traffic due to a new high...

Column: Measure for Measure: Getting to the Root of It All

by Stein, Philip

Quality systems the world over, including laboratory quality systems, share several important characteristics. One of the most important is the corrective action system. When a nonconformance is discovered, either by an internal audit, a customer...

Measure for Measure: How To Write an Uncertainty Budget

by Stein, Philip

An uncertainty budget is a description, usually in tabular form, of how the various influence quantities (sources of measurement variation or error) combine to make up a statement of the total uncertainty of a measurement or calibration....

Column: Measure for Measure: Details, Details

by Stein, Philip

It's often been said the devil is in the details, and I guess what that means is that full understanding of a topic, situation or metrology problem can't be achieved without examining the fine points....

Column: Measure for Measure: Validating Calibration Processes And Software

by Stein, Phil

Measurement assurance provides a sound foundation

While validation is required for gages, processes, and software, sometimes measurement assurance can be just as accurate and far more simple to...

Column: Measure for Measure: Keeping Your Charts Under Control

by Stein, Philip

Little known ways to use control charts are a valuable resource

Small or not, process variation that is consistent and random - what we usually call common cause variation - cannot be reduced by feedback. Feedback is appropriate, though, to address special cause variation - changes that have...

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