Measurement Matters


Column: Measure for Measure: Mass Measurements

by Stein, Philip

Consumers don't need to know about buoyancy

How to measure mass while allowing for water or air...

Masses and weights.

by Stein, Philip

Influences to consider when refining measurements

The unknown weight is compared with a known weight (calibrated by reference to the IPK). An electromagnet (solenoid) is used to provide an equal and opposing force to the weight on the pan and restores the pan position to a neutral or centered value as de...

Column: Measure for Measure: Choose Your Words Carefully

by Stein, Philip

We need to be more precise when talking about specifications and tolerances

We need to use more precise language when we talk about specifications and tolerances. The results are often important or even crucial, yet the words we use are approximate and sometimes just incorrect.

More frequent...

Column: Measure for Measure: How Flat Is Flat?

by Stein, Philip

Two common methods can measure surface plate flatness, but not without problems

Measuring flatness of surface plates and repairing worn ones are a thriving business. The surface plate is a tool universally used in machining and manufacturing, and any shop will have one or more....

Column: Measure for Measure: Meeting Specifications

by Stein, Philip

Compensate for measurement error in test results

Particular specifications may be critical to the customer's uses, but the resolution given is less than the manufacturer's instruments provide, as when the specification reads 3.5 but the instruments can measure 3.4999. To what extent can one...

Column: Measure for Measure: Measuring for Keeps

by Stein, Philip

Measurement uncertainty can be determined, even in destructive testing...

Uncertainty and destructive testing.

by Stein, Philip

Measurement uncertainty can be determined, even in destructive testing

The fundamental principle of measurements, one I've discussed many times in this column, is that measurement uncertainty can be determined in most situations. If the process of measurement does not affect the item being measured, repeated measurements of ...

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