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Column: Career Corner: Plenty of Opportunities

by Whitacre, Teresa

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If you are seeking a job because you are unemployed or simply want new challenge or advancement, don't let the bad economic news get you down. There are positions open in the quality profession, and many may be right in your...

Column: Career Corner: The Benefits of Mentoring

by Conklin, Joe

Good mentoring calls for constant cultivation of one's listening skills. A mentor has to be willing to learn another person's strengths and weaknesses in addition to remaining aware of his or her own.

Mentoring means sometimes imagining a person in a...

Column: Career Corner: Fired? Tired? Mired?

by Westcott, Russ

Your professional development is your responsibility. You have to seek the right environment and then proactively make professional development happen. The Mutual Investment in Individual Development model has been successfully used for more than 30...

Column: Career Corner: Add Value To Quality Audits

by Hutchins, Greg

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Quality auditors should understand and align their reports with internal audit reports. Why? Our quality and ISO 9000 audits usually go no higher than a second level manager. Pre-Enron, 24% of internal audits went directly to...

Column: Career Corner: Lessons for Leaders

by Lindborg, Hank

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Among its instances of effectively distributed leadership, the Strategic Leadership Project report cites an organization where, "Employees at almost all levels are allowed -- and expected -- to act on good ideas without prior...

Column: Career Corner: Use PDSA Cycle To Manage Your Career

by Brong, Jerry

[Abstract taken from article]

The quality field is changing, and careers are changing. The science of quality is becoming more sophisticated, new quality processes are being used and different results are expected. Where do these changes leave...

Column: Career Corner: Transfer Your Skills

by Whitacre, Teresa A.

Service industries need auditors, project managers and improvement associates. Have you ever thought about how the skills, knowledge and techniques you have learned and applied in the quality profession would be transferable...

Column: Career Corner: How To Work With Recruiters

by Conklin, Joe

(pages 85 and 87)
[abstract from article]

As quality professionals assume more personal responsibility for developing their careers, asking how recruiters can help is a natural question. Bill, Dave and Paul, three recruiters who place quality...

Column: Career Corner: Supply Chain Management: A New Opportunity

by Hutchins, Greg

In a recent survey of more than 200 companies, Deloitte Consulting found that while 91% of manufacturers rank SCM as either critical or very important to their company's success, only 2% rank their supply chains as world class. This...

Column: Career Corner: Link Employee Surveys and Quality

by Lindborg, Hank

Because employee surveys often miss important information, here are five suggestions for making them more effective and less burdensome:

  1. Research who is conducting surveys, when and why.
  2. Track back to strategy.
  3. Clearly define what you...

Column: Career Corner: Really Want To Attend a 2002 Conference?

by Westcott, Russ

Some do's and don'ts for getting...

Column: Career Corner: Rules Change, Careers Change

by Brong, Gerald R.

Be ready to ask for help and take risks...

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