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Six lessons can steer your career path.

by Whitacre, Teresa

Flying lessons and quality principles

The sky is the limit for competent quality professionals who keep themselves properly grounded and fly a straight path. TERESA WHITACRE is a quality systems manager for CTP Carrera in Latrobe, PA, and principal of Marketech Systems. Whitacre holds a bache...

Column: Career Corner: What It Takes To Be a Leader

by Conklin, Joe

Ask yourself 10 questions if you think you'd like to be the boss

Ask yourself 10 questions if you think you'd like to be the boss:How much do I like my job?How often do I have to repeat myself?How do I respond to failure?How well do I put up with second guessing?How early do I ask questions when making a decision?How...

Column: Career Corner: Has Your Work Life Plateaued?

by Westcott, Russ

What helps when a career doesn't seem to be going anywhere

When you've reached a level period in your work life - or have been there for a while - you've plateaued. It's time to consider a career change or realignment. Being plateaued isn't bad. It could even be the best thing that could happen because it...

Column: Career Corner: Learn Lean; Your career may depend on it

by Hutchins, Greg

Greg Hutchins interviews Norman Bodek, who brought the concept of Lean Manufacturing (or Just In Time) from Japan to the United States....

Column: Career Corner: Preventing burnout

by Lindborg, Hank

If quality professionals want people to listen, they must take responsibility, develop a personal mission and understand the big picture

Contributors to burnout -- a state of fatigue, numbness and isolation -- include overwork, lack of control, loss of community and a poor match between personal and organizational values. To become a more effective contributor and influence change,...

Column: Career Corner: The butcher, baker, candlestick maker--and you.

by Brong, Jerry

Everyone, including quality professionals, needs to be prepared for change. It happens. Career transition happens to butchers, bakers, candle-stick makers--and specialists in the field of quality. It happens by choice. It happens by chance. At a...

Column: Career Corner: Why quality careers are still important.

by Whitacre, Teresa

Jobs like implementing systems, being the champion and providing training still remain important--but you have to be prepared

The role of the quality professional has definitely changed in the last decade, particularly the last few years. The traditional quality employee was an inspector who watched a product through its various manufacturing steps or checked the quality of...

Column: Career Corner: So You Want To Go Solo?

by Conklin, Joe

Consulting is not for those desiring routine and low risk. For those with the knowledge, daring, persistence and willingness to listen, however, the rewards more than make up for the surprises....

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Who is responsible for your career?

by Westcott, Russ

Two perspectives on professional development

Concurrently, employers stopped emphasizing employee loyalty when it became evident that they themselves failed the loyalty test with their employees. Employees move from employer to employer (some with portable benefits, most without) as they struggle to...

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Column goes monthly with new contributors

by Stein, Philip

This month six advise on a typical career dilemma

I have a bachelor's degree plus ASQ's quality auditor and quality engineer certifications. He earned a master's degree in statistics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and holds the following ASQ certifications: quality engineer, reliability engineer, qu...

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Finding the quality work you want on the Web.

by Hutchins, Greg

In our last column, we discussed the three basic types of job sites--company sites, general job databases and job auction sites. Post your resume, respond to some ads and go through the job search process. Online job searching is not like traditional job ...

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