Human Side of Six Sigma: Dealing With Dysfunction

by Hopen, Deborah; Rooney, James J.

HUMAN SIDE OF SIX SIGMA By Deborah Hopen, Deborah Hopen Associates Inc., and James J. Rooney, ABS Consulting In every lean Six Sigma ( LSS) team, there are two performance considerations that determine whether the project will move forward effectively an...

Random Thoughts: Your Skewed Distribution Is Talking … Are You Listening?

by Smith, Joel

Now, that cumbersome response does not get to sit around for hours ( or days) before getting addressed, and the long tail of the exponential distribution is Figure 2. Distribution plot Upper speci ation line Weibull Exponential S I X S I G M A F O R U M ...

Mapping the Way

by Custer, Lisa

The customer journey map is a graphical representation of the interactions between a customer and a process or product over its lifespan. It’s an aspirational guide that depicts where an organization wants to be in one, three or five years....

What’s Your Strategy?

by Dew, John R.

To successfully enable their clients and organizations to produce sustainable quality results, it is vital for quality professionals to understand quality-centered strategic planning and tactical planning for quality results and improvement....

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