Quality Progress

July 2018 Issue


Cover Story

Passport to Success

Takeaways from one quality professional’s career journey and the five attributes that helped him succeed: flexibility, good listening skills, a calm demeanor, value creation and integrity.

by Larry M. Pope

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Career Development

Performance and Perception

Tips on showcasing what you do in the workplace and improving how your work is perceived so you can ensure yourself a positive performance review.

by Peter E. Pylipow

Career Development

Learning About Learning

Remember four concepts when you’re called upon to teach quality to others.

by John R. Dew


Valid or Not?

The way to verify the credibility of an organization’s claim to holding certain certifications to standards may be getting easier.

by Sheronda Jeffries and Carmine Reda



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Reaction Gauge

There are countless degrees, certifications and training programs out there designed to help people further their careers. What is the single most important training or certification you’ve received that has helped you in your career? Why?

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