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May 2018 Issue


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Line Work

Using arrival and departure curves allows you to analyze a queueing system so you can make the right adjustments to improve the flow of customers you serve or products you make.

by Ricardo G. Fierro

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Beds, Math and Beyond

Beds, Math and Beyond

By analyzing data and studying patient flow, a Canadian hospital redesigned its bed assignment approach, allowing it to increase patient capacity and avoid canceling surgeries.

by Manoj Sharma

What’s Your Strategy?

What's Your Strategy?

The best-laid strategic plans can go to waste if they aren’t quality centered. Tactical plans, too, must be thorough and thoughtful to ensure quality results and improvement.

by John R. Dew

Mapping the Way

Mapping the Way

Better understand your customers and plan improvement projects, processes and products with customer journey maps.

by Lisa Custer



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In light of the highly publicized Facebook data breaches, what steps should organizations be taking to protect their customers’ data? What steps is your organization taking, and is it enough? What does the future of data protection look like?

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