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Sky High

Learn the secrets to restructuring a workforce into self-organizing teams to empower employees to make better decisions, become more efficient and devise innovative solutions.

by Luciana Paulise

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Improve Your Team’s Batting Average

Tips on improving run screening experiments to complete experimentation, problem solving, and product and process development more quickly.

by Ronald D. Snee

Continuous Improvement

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The Hidden Hospital

A new model can help organizations determine where to focus attention on process improvement efforts and navigate through complex situations and work environments.

by Boaz Ronen and Joseph S. Pliskin

Total Quality Management

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Working in Concert

An analysis of the effect of soft total quality management—which includes elements of leadership, training, teamwork and culture—and its effect on intellectual capital.

by Amal Farouk Soliman Mohamed

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For a while, open, flexible offices were all the rage. They promised to increase collaboration and communication, and make people more accessible. But many employees found it hard to concentrate in the noisy, distracting surroundings created by these environments. Now, studies show open offices are producing the opposite effect of what was intended—employees are actually less likely to interact, whether it’s because they ignore digital messages, increasingly work away from their desks or tune out the work around them with headphones, for example. What kind of environment do you work in, and what kind of environment do you work best in and why?

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