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January 2019 Issue


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Show Me the Pedigree

Analyzing the origin and history of data is of paramount importance to any evaluation of data or information quality.

by Roger W. Hoerl and Ronald D. Snee

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Employee Satisfaction

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The Happiness Effect

How employees’ emotions and well-being directly correlate to their performances.

by Brooks Carder


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Let’s Huddle

Harness the power of informal daily meetings to improve deliverables and ensure a positive customer experience.

by Ashok Kumar Rajaraman

Quality Culture

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Evaluate—Then Cultivate

A new evaluation model helps organizations identify their current culture status and plan a strategy to cultivate a culture of quality.

by Ningning Jing

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ASQTV Big Data and the Quality Professional

Watch this extended interview with Jim Duarte, a trainer and consultant who specializes in quality, big data and advanced analytics, describe how quality professionals have a wonderful opportunity to use their skills within the world of big data.

In its latest episode, ASQTV takes a closer look at one of the most essential quality tools everyone should master: the cause and effect diagram.

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According to experts, some of the workplace trends we can expect to see this year include an increase in artificial intelligence and robotics, a higher demand for independent and contract workers, more flexible work hours and an increasingly diverse workforce. What workplace trends do you see for next year or beyond?

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