Quality Progress

October 2018 Issue


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The Time Is Now

The basics of blockchain technology and why quality professionals must pay attention to this innovation that’s sure to optimize supply chains and more.

by Narahari Rao

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Quality 4.0

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Let’s Get Digital

How the fourth industrial revolution will reshape the way we think about quality.

by Nicole Radziwill

Machine Learning

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Revolutionary Impact?

Machine learning is already transforming quality improvement activities, and more is in store for quality professionals.

by Johannes Freiesleben


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21st Century Excellence

Updating and adapting W. Edwards Deming’s system of profound knowledge for today’s service systems.

by Bob Kennedy

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Change is one thing organizations can count on. In the latest episode of ASQTV, learn how to lead, implement and sustain changes successfully.

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With billions of vendors selling their items on Amazon, many consumers rely on reviews to guide their purchasing decisions. And just one bad review—or no reviews—can significantly affect a product’s sales. Manufacturers are beginning to realize that product reviews are a powerful key performance indicator (KPI). What are some other new or nontraditional KPIs and what do they measure?

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