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December 2018 Issue


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Influential and Impactful

Looking for a leg up on your competition for that next job opportunity or promotion? Let this year’s QP Salary Survey report lend you a hand in learning what factors affect salaries and the moves you might want to make to elevate your earnings. This year’s 26-section survey report contains updated analyses on salaries broken down by variables such as job title, training, experience and certification.

Also learn how employee satisfaction syncs with how well an organization implements a quality method such as ISO 9001: 2015 and the Baldrige criteria.

by Max Christian Hansen

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View a PDF version of the entire survey.

Dollars and Descriptions

Salary by job title.

Certifications: Almost Like Cash

Salary by certifications.

Six Sigma Satisfies

Salary by highest level of Six Sigma training.

Quality: A Profession to Stay In

Salary by years of experience in quality.

View all 26 sections of the QP Salary Survey and download the full report.


Global Quality

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From Another Quality Dimension

A new global study assesses, analyzes and ranks countries based on their quality performance.

by Paulo Sampaio, Pedro Saraiva, Catarina Cubo and Marco Reis

Statistical Analysis

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Not Too Big, Not Too Small

Selecting just the right sample size for your significance tests and data analysis will control the chances that hypothesis test results won’t be wrong.

by Christopher N. Bertoni and Bridget Bertoni

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ASQTV Cause and Effect Diagrams

In its latest episode, ASQTV takes a closer look at one of the most essential quality tools everyone should master: the cause and effect diagram.

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The new tariffs the United States has placed on steel, aluminum and Chinese imports has cost American businesses millions of dollars. Among those hit the hardest are auto manufacturers, retailers and certain markets in the food and beverage industry. How has your organization been affected by these tariffs? What other industries have been affected by these tariffs?

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