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July 2019 Issue


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Inside Information

Strategies to formulate a salary range that you can feel confident using in job negotiations.

by Derek J. Purdy

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Professional Development

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Growing Painlessly

Mistakes that can sidetrack your career and advice on getting back on track.

by Erin Urban

Operational Excellence

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Have Your Cake—And Eat It, Too

Ways to ensure operational excellence when your organization is expanding and growing.

by Derek Trott

Value Creation

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Forces to Be Reckoned With

Creating value with quality requires striking the right balance of product conformance, compliance and performance.

by Konstantin Petkovski

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QP Salary Survey Deadline Extended Through July 26!

Participate in the quality industry's most comprehensive analysis of job roles, titles and salaries by taking this 15-minute questionnaire. Those who complete the survey can enter to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards! Results from the survey will be published in the December edition of QP.


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Career Coach columnist Erin Urban estimates that the vast majority of professionals take a backseat in their career development. They don't regularly invest in their professional growth, assuming their organizations will tell them what skills to learn. According to Urban, professionals must invest in their own continuous improvement plans to achieve their career goals. How do you approach professional growth? What, if any, assistance does your organization offer?

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