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December 2017 Issue


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The Next Rung

Climb to the next level in your career by using QP's annual salary survey to help you design your own career ladder. Learn what factors can influence salaries and what actions you can take to boost your earnings. Take hold of this year's 26-section QP Salary Survey for specific analyses on salaries by variables such as job title, training, education, experience and certification. You can also reach back to previous surveys to explore the variables that help determine whether a quality professional will be well paid and happy in their positions.

by Max Christian Hansen

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Titles and Take-Home

Salary by job title.

Certification Certainty

Salary by certification.

Six Sigma Satisfaction

Salary by highest level of Six Sigma training.

Stay the Course

Salary by years of experience in quality.


Maintenance Makeover

Maintenance Makeover

Switching from preventive to predictive maintenance can help your organization save money and increase performance.

by Jigish Vaidya

Confronting Confusion

Confronting Confusion

Ways to overcome the four types of confusion that can cause chaos in the workplace.

by Martin F. Stankard

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Japan's reputation for quality has taken a hit in recent months. In October, it was discovered that Kobe Steel Ltd., a major Japanese steel manufacturer, has been falsifying its quality data since at least 2007. The scandal affects about 500 companies, including Boeing, General Motors and Ford.

Nissan and Subaru also have been in the spotlight recently for flawed vehicle inspections. For decades, both automakers used unauthorized employees to conduct final safety checks at their Japanese factories.

What can these organizations do to recover from these serious scandals? What can other organizations do to prevent something like this from happening to them?

Send your responses to editor@asq.org.

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