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March 2018 Issue


Cover Story

In the Right Direction

Use the concept of infection points to understand your organization's cultural transformation.

by Stephen K. Hacker

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A Different Kind of BBQ

A Different Kind of BBQ

Embrace behavior-based quality to drive a culture of quality.

by Arron Angle

Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground

Help your organization set a strategic agenda and gain an edge over competitors.

by Alaa Kafafi

Impeding Progress

Impeding Progress

Overcome the seven challenges that can throw process improvement projects off track.

by Jamison V. Kovach and Pratibha Sharma


ASQTV Voice of the Customer:
A Culture of Excellence

Gateway Technical College in southeastern Wisconsin wanted to break silo thinking and promote a culture of excellence. Simultaneously engaging leadership (including the board of directors) with frontline staff, the improvement team used lean Six Sigma to drive alignment and improve processes. In this ASQ TV segment, two team members, Kamaljit Jackson and Jenelle Williams discuss the initiative's background. Visit http://videos.asq.org to access the full video library.

Reaction Gauge

As organizations begin to realize just how important culture is to their employees and to the customer experience, more and more are adding a chief customer officer and chief culture officer to their C-suites.

Has your organization added either of these positions? If not, who is responsible for your organization’s quality culture?

Send your responses to editor@asq.org.

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