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Make Your Move

Career advice often revolves around one key concept: Never stand pat. Always assess and reassess where you are and where you want to go. Determine the steps to take to get you to your next destination. This year’s QP Salary Survey report—the 33rd installment—can give you insight into what moves to make to reach your career goals. Added certifications? More education? Increased training? Think of this 23-section survey report (19 additional sections online) as your strategy guide containing hints on how to effectively move on the gameboard of your career and land on the winning square.

by Max Christian Hansen

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The Average Player

Salary by job title.

Winning With Certification

Salary by certification.

Jumping Ahead With Six Sigma

Salary by Six Sigma training.

Staying in the Game

Salary by years of experience in quality.


Graphical Analysis

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Graphical analysis is the best way to paint a clear and concise picture of how and why a process or product may have gone wrong.

by Jan Lee

Project Management

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Get Off to a Flying Start

Powerful leadership paired with good management is essential to ensure your quality project starts off on the right foot.

by Mehmet Onur Artan

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For more than 30 years, QP has been publishing its annual salary survey—a comprehensive look at the salaries of quality professionals and practitioners. It reveals what factors affect salaries and the moves you might want to make to elevate your earnings—things like earning certifications, switching jobs and continuing your education. How have you used the salary survey results in the past?

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