Quality Progress

April 2019 Issue


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Sea Change

Maintain the psychological well-being of employees and the organization through this five-point framework.

by Derek Trott

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Change Management

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A Positive Approach

Use positive psychology to promote the strengths of employees and organizations to orchestrate change.

by Brooks Carder

Value of Quality

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Breaking the Mold

The unique skill set quality professionals possess, as well as the quality tools they use, can make a difference in the world outside of work.

by Thomas Pyzdek


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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

A statistical correlation study highlights the factors that can reduce cardiovascular disease mortality.

by Hersh Nanda

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Lessons in Change Management

In this ASQ-TV interview, learn how to lead, implement and sustain changes successfully. The episode includes an interview with Kemi Sorinmade, a leadership coach and trainer, who explains the importance of getting buy-in before launching into a change initiative.

Reaction Gauge

Experts have predicted several new manufacturing trends for 2019, including intelligent manufacturing (think artificial intelligence and machine learning), data utilization (how to use the vast amount of data generated by manufacturing processes) and workforce training to close the skills gap and fill the worker shortage. What other manufacturing trends do you see? How will they affect the quality profession?

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