Quality Progress

June 2018 Issue


Cover Story

Clashing or Compatible?

Hear from two quality professionals about the unique challenges with today's multigenerational workforce and how best to collaborate with or manage different types of employees and work styles.

by Erin Wichtoski and Grace L. Duffy

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Career Development

Natural Inclination

Get advice on transitioning to the role of quality engineer—regardless of where you are in your career.

by Scott A. Laman


In Context

The context of an organization—such as its size, environment and location—can have a huge impact on how it executes quality management practices and principles, a new study finds.

by William J. Miller, Christopher M. Lowery, Andrew T. Sumner, Richard H. Deane and Theodore J. Randles


Drawn Out

Learn how to draw seven visual models to illustrate concepts to others and communicate your message for maximum impact.

by Peter J. Sherman



Are you having problems getting through to executives about the importance of quality? Stop banging your head against the wall. In this latest episode of ASQTV, learn how to make inroads into the C-suite.

Reaction Gauge

Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking—these are just some of the advanced features that come standard in many new vehicles. They’re designed to make driving safer, but does all this technology have the opposite effect? Because more aspects of driving are becoming automated, are drivers paying less attention than they should? Are drivers taking more risks when they're behind the wheel because they assume the technology will keep them safe?

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