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February 2019 Issue


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18 Steps to Six Sigma Project Success

This step-by-step guide will help Six Sigma practitioners align their projects to their organization's business strategy and guarantees that the project stays headed in the right direction.

by Marcelo Machado Fernandes, Jennifer Hurst, Jiju Antony, João Batista Turrioni and Messias Borges Silva

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Mining Matters

Six Sigma methods can provide a rock-solid way to help mining companies unearth metrics and analytics to help make their operations safer.

by Rajeev Chadha

Maintenance Management

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A Match Made in Maintenance Heaven

A case study showcases how one organization from the oil and gas industry combined quality and maintenance management programs to achieve equipment reliability and drive its maintenance philosophy.

by Ray Stoute


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Slam Dunk

There’s a new way of using statistics and analytics to identify undervalued professional basketball players and build a winning roster in fantasy basketball leagues.

by George Recck, I. Elaine Allen, Adam Kershner, Zachary Mittelmark and Julia E. Seaman

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Lean Six Sigma in Higher Education

Watch a video of Norma Simons, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, president of Performance Innovation LCC and the ASQ Education Division secretary, making the case that higher education needs to embrace tools and approaches that support systems thinking and teamwork to meet operational performance goals. Simons highlights lean Six Sigma, a project-based method that helps organizations gain a competitive advantage through data-driven decision making and rigorous process management approaches. You can also find other videos addressing lean and Six Sigma at ASQ TV’s Lean and Six Sigma specialty channel.

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