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Scanning for a Superior Skill Set

What makes up a 21st century quality leader? A worldwide survey helps build the profile of a successful quality professional, including the most important skills needed to protect and sustain that leader’s existence.

by Pedro Domingues, Paulo Sampaio, Fábio Daniel Vieira Correia and İlknur Uzdurum

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Quality 4.0

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Adapt and Evolve

Quality professionals are well position to handle the disruption that Industry 4.0 bring, but first they must know to shift perspectives and priorities.

by Henry J. Lindborg

Goal Setting

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Hitting the Target

Borrowing from a strategy usually reserved for employee performance and personal development, a new approach shows there’s a SMARTER way for organizations to set goals and map out initiatives to affect a process or change an entire system.

by Matthew C. Mateos


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A Feather in Your Cap

An analysis of the effect of soft total quality management—which includes elements of leadership, training, teamwork and culture—and its effect on intellectual capital.

by Amal Farouk Soliman Mohamed

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