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Make the Connection

A practical six-step framework to integrate purchasing and quality in Industry 4.0.

by Varun Gupta

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Big Data

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Take a Big Byte

How Quality 4.0 has enhanced the effects of big data on quality improvement.

by Chao-Ton Su

Business 4.0

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Ahead of the Curve

Advice on deploying an effective digital strategy to maximize your organization’s data assets and succeed in Business 4.0.

by Kaushal Mehta


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A Mobile Mindset

The advantages of assurance apps and how they can improve management audits.

by Lowellyne James

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A Focus on 4.0

ASQ TV has an entire channel dedicated to Quality 4.0. Check out ASQTV episodes and extended interviews with subject matter experts covering topics such as blockchain technology, big data, robotics and more.

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Now more than ever, customers are holding brands to higher standards. When something goes awry, customers expect full accountability. This shift in customer mindset has driven some organizations to hire chief diversity and inclusion officers to ensure the organization stays in tune with what people want. How does your organization ensure customer—or employee—satisfaction? What are some things other organizations are doing to meet customers’ higher standards?

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