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January 2018 Issue


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Ready or Not

The basics behind ISO 9001:2015 and advice for organizations transitioning to the revised standard.
"The Clock Is Ticking" – Infographic of ASQ Resources

by Govind Ramu

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Under the Wire

Under the Wire

Knowing the seven quality management principles that ISO 9001:2015 is built around will help your organization implement or transition to the revised standard.

by Mark Durivage

No Joking Matter

No Joking Matter

A recent study centered on management systems standards raises questions on the overall average effect of standards on organization performance.

by Pavel Castka and Charles J. Corbett

For Best Results

For Best Results

Combine quality function deployment and design thinking to make the most of the product development process.

by Patricia Moura e Sá

ASQTV Voice of the Customer

ASQTV Voice of the Customer:
Managing Business Performance Through Metrics

In this episode of ASQ TV, we discuss the importance of having measurements. Visit http://videos.asq.org to access the full video library.

Reaction Gauge

As manufacturing processes become more automated through new technologies such as 3-D printing, artificial intelligence and robotics, employees must learn new skills to keep up with the changes.

What automated technologies has your organization adopted? How have they changed your role? What is your opinion of the changes?

Send your responses to editor@asq.org.

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