Quality Progress

November 2018 Issue


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Art of Improvements

Streamlining the A3 report to promote the exchange of analytics and creativity, and being able to focus only on the problem and its solution.

by Satya S. Chakravorty

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Project Management

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The Desired Effect

The pluses of applying quality tools and fundamentals to project management activities.

by Johanna Rusly


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Predicting With Plots

A case study about using plots to analyze repair data on systems and predict the number of future repairs.

by Wayne B. Nelson


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The Gold Standard

An inside look at the comprehensive process used to develop and maintain ASQ certification exams, as well as other helpful advice on preparing to take the tests.

by James L. Bossert

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ASQTV Agile in Non-IT Industries

Learn how principles of agile, a common project management method used for IT and software projects, can be applied in other industries in this extended ASQTV interview with Fabrice Bouchereau, a senior systems improvement facilitator, ProcessZen Consulting in Houston.

Reaction Gauge

In response to competition from financial technology firms and evolving customer needs, many banks are revamping the way they do business and interact with customers. Now, many are providing around-the-clock service, offering more digital channels and closing some of their brick-and-mortar branches. How are shifting customer expectations reshaping other industries?

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