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May 2019 Issue


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In No Uncertain Terms

Should the term “continuous improvement” replace “continual improvement” in International Organization for Standardization standards? One expert weighs in.

by Michael F. Reber

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Quality Tools

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A Fundamental FMEA Flaw

Advice on making your failure mode and effects analysis more efficient and effective.

by Gary G. Jing

Case Study

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Scoping Things Out

Quality tools and data analysis helped a group of healthcare centers in Canada crack problems with their endoscopy operations.

by Manoj Sharma, Deborah Funderburg, Linda Wolfram, Lisa Sparks, Mercy Tachie-Menson and Robin

Body of Knowledge

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Under the Umbrella

Determine which specific knowledge must be included and excluded in the quality body of knowledge.

by Gary Lee and Grant Short

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Watch an extended interview with Colin Gray, president of Cavendish Scott Inc., where he discusses the similarities and differences of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements and quality management systems (QMS), and the impact they have on the the strategic success of an organization.

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People often wonder how they should act at work—should they be themselves, or should they be more professional and conform to the organization’s culture? A recent Forbes article found that more and more organizations are encouraging employees to be themselves to increase diversity and inclusion. What are your experiences with “being yourself” vs. buttoning up for the office? What type of work environment do you think makes for the most effective—or productive—workplace?

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