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February 2018 Issue


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Office Efficiency

Managing information flow in office settings using the 5S lean method allows workers to focus better on tasks, lowers their stress and improves their throughput.

by Scott Marchand Davis

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The Crown Jewels of Design

The Crown Jewels of Design

Using the powerful tools of axiomatic and Taguchi robust parameter design addresses a design's conceptual and operational vulnerabilities and lets your organization overcome obstacles.

by Shu Liu

Open Lines

Open Lines

Improving process and communication flow within an organization can lead to increased productivity and profitability.

by Sharon A. Floyd

Less Is More

Less Is More

Find ways to enhance your organization's operating efficiency and eliminate waste by calculating its overall equipment effectiveness.

by Qiuping Yang, Jian Huang, Qi Pan, Jiajie Wang, Halyun Wang, Pin Xue and Qiang Su

Transitioning to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
Read next month’s
Standard Issues column, which covers the new version of ISO/ IEC 17025, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

ASQTV Voice of the Customer

ASQTV Voice of the Customer:
Managing Business Performance Through Metrics

In this episode of ASQ TV, we discuss the importance of having measurements. Visit http://videos.asq.org to access the full video library.

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Increasingly, organizations in the food industry are using blockchain technology to quickly track and recall unsafe food. Blockchain essentially is a bookkeeping method that links entries together to create a secure and reliable record of transactions. It allows organizations to see every step a food product takes from start to finish.

What other industries might benefit from blockchain? Do you see any drawbacks to using the technology?

Send your responses to editor@asq.org.

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