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May 2017 Issue

Cover Story

Solid Footing

Incorporating the five virtues of a good hypothesis will get your root cause analysis off on the right foot.

by Matthew Barsalou

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Root Cause Analysis

Mind the Gaps

Using the gap model, an Arizona hospital recovered from poor service quality, improved process efficiencies and boosted patient satisfaction scores.

by Denise M. Kennedy


Are These the Same?

Be strategic when error proofing devices in workflows so you get things right every single time.

by Liem Ferryanto

Risk Management

New Tricks for an Old Tool

Introducing marginal risk and the risk-sensitive priority number to FMEA.

by Eugene R. Bukowski

ASQTV The Five Whys and Root Cause Analysis

ASQTV The Five Whys and Root Cause Analysis

ASQTV’s latest episode examines a new approach to five whys and root cause analysis, and gives a refresher on “is/is not” analysis.
Visit http://videos.asq.org to access the full video library.

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Despite some recent accidents and concerns during testing, manufacturers and companies—such as Ford, General Motors, Tesla, Alphabet and Apple—continue to move forward with self-driving vehicles.

Are self-driving vehicles ready for the road? Would you feel safe in traffic as a passenger in a self-driving vehicle or a fellow driver sharing the road with one? Are manufacturers and companies rushing this emerging technology to market too quickly?

Send your responses to editor@asq.org.

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