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March 2019 Issue


Cover Story

Knowing When You've Added Value

Learn how to measure value to understand the full potential of innovation and better manage the innovation process.

by Jane Keathley

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Quality 4.0

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The Ascent of Quality 4.0

A look at how technology advancements have influenced quality over the years and what quality professionals must do to adapt approaches and methods for the future.

by Gregory H. Watson

Customer Satisfaction

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Vox Populi 4.0

Advice on incorporating Quality 4.0 techniques into your voice of customer strategy to focus on customer concerns more effectively.

by Keith Bowers and Tina V. Pickerel


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Bigger, Better and Smarter

Maintaining quality management—driven by data and analysis—within smart factories.

by Nikhil Padhi and Prasanna Kumar Illa

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Big Data and Predictive Analytics

In this ASQ-TV interview, watch Nicole Radziwill, quality practice leader at Intelex Technologies Inc., discuss big data and predictive analytics, and the opportunity to augment human intelligence to help people become more capable in their own jobs. You can also find other videos addressing innovation at ASQ’s Innovation specialty channel.

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Measuring value often is considered a subjective exercise. In this month’s QP cover story, author Jane Keathley specifies several value analysis tools—the value matrix, the value factor matrix, the innovation ambition matrix and innovation maturity model—that can be used to measure value so you can understand the potential for innovation in your organization. How do you measure value at your organization? Why do you measure value?

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