Verifies worker safety, OSHA compliance

There’s a new handheld exhaust gas analyzer for measuring carbon monoxide in ambient air or directly from the exhaust pipes of forklifts, floor burnishers or other equipment burning propane, gasoline, diesel or compressed natural gas.

Named Monoxor XR, the instrument is ideal for verifying worker safety and achieving compliance with OSHA air quality regulations. It also can be used for engine tuning and diagnostics, resulting in improved equipment efficiency and fuel savings.

Bacharach, which developed the device, touts the analyzer’s expanded measuring range of 80,000 ppm, which allows technicians to test poorly maintained equipment without risking damage to the gas sensor.

www.mybacharach.com | 800-736-4666


Undeniable attraction for recycling, aggregates industries

Two new types of suspended permanent magnets for companies in the recycling and aggregates industries have been introduced by Eriez.

The CP-20 Series Magnets use a single-pole permanent magnet circuit to provide a uniform field across the feed belt to optimize separation efficiency of damaging tramp iron. These magnets have a maximum suspension height of 10 in. and are available in manual and self-cleaning configurations.

The TP-25 Series Magnets use a twin-pole permanent magnet circuit to provide maximum ferrous removal at higher suspension heights. The twin-pole magnetic circuit used by these magnets allows for horizontal lift of longer ferrous objects, such as rebar or wire. These suspended magnets have a maximum suspension height of 12 in. and are available in manual and self-cleaning configurations.

The self-cleaning versions of both series magnets are available with either a standard electric drive or hydraulic drive.

www.eriez.com | 814-835-6000


For accurate illuminance metrics

A new photometric detector for measuring very low illuminance has been introduced by Gigahertz-Optik Laboratory.

Called the VL-3707 Micro-Lux, the photometric detector can handle accurate illuminance measurements down to less than 100 μlux.

The VL-3707 can be used in extreme low-light level applications, such as testing and characterizing night vision equipment used in surveillance, security and automotive applications.

The detector also can be used with Gigahertz-Optik’s P-9710 Optometer and provides a sufficiently high signal-to-noise ratio for reliable measurements in the 100 μlux range.

www.gigahertz-optik.de/en-us/home | 978-462-1818


Creates perfectly square beveled ends

There’s a portable, easy-to-use pipe beveling tool designed to produce perfectly square and parallel bevels to help assure high-integrity welded joints.

Introduced by Esco Tool, the Esco Wart Millhog Portable Pipe Beveler mounts securely into the pipe ID using a self-centering draw rod assembly with a mandrel that features expandable clamps. Designed to create precise square and beveled pipe ends with ± 0.001 in. accuracy, the device has a three-blade holder that can bevel, face and bore any angle of end-prep, simultaneously, without using cutting fluids.

The tool is ideal for highly alloyed materials or carbon steel, and runs at 98 RPM. It also incorporates robust construction with highly reliable dual-opposed taper roller bearings. Suited for tube and pipe from 0.75 in. ID to 4.5 in. OD, it is offered in pneumatic and electric motors. A wide variety of titanium nitride-coated blades also are available.

www.escotool.com | 800-343-6926


Smart surface design

TactoTek and Fischer Automotive have combined forces to build a smart surface technology demonstrator.

The device features sensor surfaces for operating command input that are illuminated with LEDs molded directly into the plastic that forms the engineered structure of the part.

In addition to individual sensors, a raised round knob is used for multi-touch rotary inputs. The knob is enhanced with tactile features to guide users. Illumination is used for styling, guiding interactions and communicating vehicle status information to the driver.

In the design, the human-machine interface sensors, circuitry and lighting are integrated within a seamless single-piece injection molded part that also provides the mechanical structure, and it’s only 3 mm thick. The part is designed and manufactured using TactoTek IMSE technology.

www.tactotek.com | 358-050-462-1212


Reliable broadband
detection, added sensitivity

Two new broadband hybrid silicon-InGaAs photodetectors have been introduced by Marketech Optoelectronics Inc.

The photodetectors—named Models MT03-041 (TO-5) and MT03-047 (SMD)—provide versatile, accurate and reliable broadband detection over spectral ranges from UV to VIS to SWIR, with 250 nm (UV) to 1,750 nm (SWIR) enhanced sensitivity.

This wide dynamic range includes 365 nm blue-green enhanced silicon-based and 1,300 nm InGaAs-based detection, respectively; ultra-low-noise measurement performance; and high shunt resistance. The detectors are seamlessly integrated within a single, compact through-hole or SMD package. They also are both REACH and RoHS compliant.

The photodetectors can be used in medical, industrial, high-speed communications, security and spectroscopy applications.

www.marktechopto.com | 800-309-6150

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