Hitting the Target

Description: For any company, there will be objectives and initiatives that will be set throughout all areas and levels of the organization. Setting objectives provides a way for leadership to communicate expectations to their team members .…

Keywords: Career development,Careers,Strategic planning,Strategy

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The irony of this article is in the image. The person holding the bow will certainly not hit the target and very well might be injured trying. The bow is strung backward. Seems like a missed opportunity.
--Brian White, 04-24-2020

Good idea of adding "evaluate" and "review" in order to retool this approach so that organizations can use. Forgive me for nit-picking but the "just the facts" intro has realistic as the "r" in SMART but thankfully the body of the article uses "relevant". I can't tell you how may times I cringe when people get the SMART acronym wrong. :)

--Bart Ellingsen, 04-08-2020

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