Ready to reject

A new metal detector conveyor system featuring optional air blast or pusher-arm rejects has been introduced.

Eriez Manufacturing Co. said the Xtreme model can be configured with its 14-in. wide by 6, 8 or 10-in. high aperture sizes.

These systems are highly sensitive and suitable for high-pressure wash-downs. Additional features include plastic chain belting, left-to-right and right-to-left belt travel abilities, dual voltage, variable speeds and adjustable heights.

The detectors also feature a 7-in. touch screen interface, multiple preprogrammed languages, easy setup and reporting, multiple USB and interface ports, and remote access. Eriez offers optional size guides and casters with these units.

www.eriez.com | 814-835-6000


Seal the deal

The only polytetrafluoroethylene-based electrically conductive materials for use in spring and elastomer-energized seals has been released. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions said the materials will provide reliable electric connection between moving parts.

The Turcon MC1 and Turcon MC2 materials were specifically developed for use in spring and elastomer-energized seals, as well as bearings, to fulfill demand to support electrification of drives, e-mobility, sensing and Internet of Things solutions.

Turcon MC1 is a medium-filled material for dynamic applications requiring medium to high conductivity, while Turcon MC2 is a high-filled material for dynamic applications requiring high conductivity.

www.trelleborg.com | 46-410-670-00


Ensuring nonblocking, high bandwidth

ZTE Corp., a telecommunications and technology solutions provider, has launched the 2U compact optical line terminal (OLT) based on the TiTAN platform.

The ZXA10 C620 features powerful uplink aggregation capability to ensure nonblocking and high-bandwidth transmission of services, which alleviates the load on the upper-layer network and effectively saves uplink fibers. The ZXA10 C620 provides a series of access modes—including GPON, XG(S)-PON, Combo PON and P2P—to meet access requirements in the gigabit era.

The ZXA10 C620 saves much space compared to large OLTs traditionally used in networks. It can be used in a wide range of scenarios, including equipment rooms with limited space, OLT deployment closer to end users, remote networking, coverage in low-density areas, smart industrial parks, commercial buildings and mobile transport, meeting operators’ requirements for flexible installation and rapid deployment.

www.zte.com.cn/global | 86-755-2677-0000


Smart molded structures

TactoTek has developed new injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) parts.

The manufacturer integrated printed electronics and electronic components within 3D injection molded structures to create thin, seamless, electronically active and economical smart molded structures.

One part, for example, is a design that includes in-mold circuitry, touch controls and LEDs for lighting, all of which are encapsulated in polycarbonate resin in an advanced film insert molding process. This finished part is 3.5 mm thick and weighs only 49 grams. TactoTek technology partner content includes DuPont conductive ink and Cypress touch controllers.

TactoTek also licenses its IMSE technology to manufacturers that design and mass produce parts for their customers.

https://tactotek.com | 358-050-462-1212

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