All Roads Lead to Rome

Description: Lean and Six Sigma are the most successful quality improvement strategies. With the progress of globalization and the evolution of quality management practices, these strategies are seen as complementary. The combined initiative is called lean Six Sigma.…

Keywords: Lean,Six Sigma,Quality improvement,

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Great article with an abundance of information!
--Livingston B Livi, 02-24-2020

Excellent article, I think that globalization has played a crucial role in to making us think out of the cultural wall.
--Baritakis Nikolaos, 02-23-2020

a fresh and insightful examination of lean and six sigma.
--Tariq Aldowaisan, 02-14-2020

The first time to read such an article on insights of SS and Lean from the Eastern/western philosophical perspecitive, so impressive!
--Alex Wu, 02-13-2020

Great article! I am going to use it as reference in my teaching at a new organization that lacks lean or six sigma knowledge.
--Courtney Harris , 02-12-2020

This insightful article underscores the value and importance of context in all aspects of our quest to understand and improve processes. More subtlety, it also offers a path to more fruitful collaboration between quality and non-quality professionals.
--Larry Diener, 02-09-2020

--Kate Jones, 02-06-2020

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