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Description: Game nights with friends and family are as popular as ever. Risk, Clue, Trivial Pursuit and Cranium are just some of the classic board games that continue to bring people together to play and have fun.…

Keywords: Surveys,Salary,Results,Professionals,Quality profession,Data

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We apologize for any confusion—here is a link to the full report and more: (The full report can be found under Additional Accessories.) We are working on adding links to the site as it makes sense.

Thank you,
Lindsay Pietenpol
Quality Progress Assistant Editor

--Lindsay Pietenpol, 12-11-2019

--Frank Malinowski, 12-11-2019

Because there are so limited responses by location & industry the data is wide ranging in reporting the true scope of salary. Within any given State the range of salary for a position would be high. One does what they can with the data supplied but, be careful on dictating it's meaning.
--Charles Geurts, 12-11-2019

Not a whole lot of Quality included in this article. Reference to tables and figures not included in the article, nor is there a link to the source data. This is a poor example of career management plan with out actually saying anything of worth.
Include sources and show how the data is relevant.
--Shane M MacQuarrie, 12-11-2019

How do you access the full report? As others have said, interesting overview, but I want to see the full data set.
--Jeff Donnellon, 12-11-2019

Frustrating overview - no clear link to complete report or data
--Brent Myers, 12-10-2019

When I open the PDF version it only goes to page 19. Is there another place I should be accessing the PDF?
--Dawn Speidel, 12-03-2019

Doug, Charts are in the pdf version of the QP magazine, starting on page 14 of 84 (printed page 12)-PT, 12-03-2019
--Patricia Taft, 12-03-2019

I'm not sure if this was intentional, but the charts gave me the impression they were only subset charts of a larger article. If so, where is it? Thank you.
--Doug, 12-03-2019

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