More efficiency at construction sites

There’s a new construction layout tool that can help workers be more productive and increase their accuracy and speed at job sites.

The digital layout tool, called the iCON iCT30, is designed for a single user who is moving from a conventional manual layout method to automated workflows. The hardware and software feature simpler telescope aiming and allow operators to gather more points per day when laying out interior drywall and insulation installations, which in turn speeds up the construction process.

With a measurement range of up to 80 meters and an angular accuracy of 9 inches, the iCT30 meets most requirements for layout applications. Developed by Leica Geosystems, the tool also features a four-button keyboard for simple operation, a prism search by AutoSearch and tailored iCON build software.

https://leica-geosystems.com | 800-367-9453


Closing in on new gate hardware

A new powerful hinge-closer option for gate hardware has been introduced by D&D Technologies.

The new two-part hydraulic hinge and closer system, called the SureClose 180°, efficiently self-closes up to 180 lb from a complete 180° swing. This allows the user to fully open heavy gates for unobstructed passage. The device has been tested to more than 500,000 open/close cycles on a 180-lb gate in real-world conditions.

Offered in aluminum or steel and both bolt-on and weld-on versions, the SureClose 180° is ADA complaint, installs with anti-tampering hardware and provides vertical and horizontal adjustability, as well as adjustable closing/opening force with a precision snap-action latch.

www.ddtech.com | 800-716-0888


Precalibrated to reduce downtime

A new group of combustion analyzers for residential, commercial and industrial facilities has been unveiled by Bacharach, a provider of HVAC-R gas instrumentation, combustion analysis and energy management solutions.

The combustion analyzers include the PCA 400, Insight Plus, InTech and Monoxor Plus. The PCA 400, for example, is versatile enough for various combustion applications (up to four gas sensors) and can be precalibrated with field-replacement B-smart sensors to reduce downtime. The other devices in the family of analyzers offer different options and features for different applications.

In addition, a new combustion app by Bacharach has been introduced. The app is compatible with all the analyzer modes and allows users to generate and send customizable reports from their IOS and Android devices.

www.mybacharach.com | 800-736 4666


Next-generation kit angle encoder

A new angle encoder for motion feedback has been developed by RSF Elektronik.

The encoder comes in two versions—the MCR 15 and the MSR 15—and is best applied in robotics, semiconductor, medical and machine tool settings.

The MCR 15 and incremental MSR 15 are available in several drum sizes, from an inside diameter of 40 mm up to 330 mm. The drums come with accuracies starting at 20 arcseconds with up to 10 arcsecond, depending on diameter.  

Resolutions also are diameter-based and range from 22 to 25 bits for the absolute versions. The resolutions of the incremental versions start at 4,740 lines per 360 degrees all the way up to 27,540 for the largest diameter.

www.rsf.at/en | +43 (0) 6278 8192-0


Ready for use in UV, NIR applications

Marktech Optoelectronics Inc., a designer and manufacturer of standard and custom optoelectronics components and assemblies, has expanded its silicon photodiode offerings.

There are now more unique processes offered that can accommodate an expanded range of ultraviolet (UV) and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy applications. These include:

  • The 365 nm UV-enhanced series 4, for spectral ranges of 300 nm to 1,100 nm, further offered in an additional 7.5-mm2 active area size.
  • The general-purpose series 8, for spectral ranges of 350 nm to 1,100 nm.
  • The UV and NIR-enhanced series 11, for spectral ranges of 254 nm to 1,100 nm.

The photodiodes are available with a full range of supporting NIR and point source emitters. The photodiodes and LED emitters may be supplied either as separate standalone components or combined into a seamless, mechanically and spectrally matched package, such as a reflective switch.

www.marktechopto.com | 518-956-2980

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