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Description: Traditionally, audit findings have been graded qualitatively using the generally accepted and widely used terms “minor” and “major” nonconformities.…

Keywords: Risk,Risk management,Audits,Auditing Audit findings,Nonconformances,Grading

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I really enjoyed this article. I've been advocating for years that all QMS nonconformity's are created equal and the use of just major and minor does not go far enough to help the organization prioritize it's work. There needs to be a risk element assigned so high risk items get addressed immediately and fully where low risk items just get corrected and contained.
--Mark Seay, 11-19-2019

Very useful article with clear, practical applications.

Someone else has probably already caught this...Figure 2 Non-conformity Grading Matrix - it look like grade 3 and 4 are reversed.
--Joseph Ellinghaus, 11-06-2019

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