Signaling toward the right solution

Custom-Cal Technology Services has released the GTS-G6 Vector Signal Generator. The high-performance device can generate a variety of signals including arbitrary wave, continuous wave, common vector, analog and digital, standard wireless vector, standard radio and customized.

The GTS-G6 is applicable for educational practices, wireless monitoring, mobile communication, aerospace and national defense industry in terms of research, manufacturing, testing and measurement, and electronic countermeasure. GTS-G6 can meet requirements for most of the signal simulation practices and provide users continual customization services.

Its frequency range is 10 MHz to 6 GHz, and its power coverage is between -100 and +10 dBm. The generator also offers a fixable integration interface, and customized data can be inputted into a module to generate a customized signal.

www.cc-globaltech.com | 908-328-3663


Ready for high-reliability sensing

There’s a new family of visible red LED emitters that are designed to provide high-accuracy, high-reliability sensing in a variety of applications.

Developed by Marktech Optoelectronics Inc., the model MTE6063M-UHR emitters offer high output power, typically 27.5 mW, along with a wide radiation pattern and a peak emission wavelength of 630 nm.

Each emitter is packaged within a TO-18 metal can with drip lens encapsulation, with the anode electrically connected to the case. Units are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Typical applications include optical sensing, optical instrumentation, linear and rotary encoders, machine vision and CCD, photo interrupters, light curtains and sensor technology.

www.marktechopto.com | 518-956-2980


Ensuring tight tolerances

NewTek has released new spring-loaded linear variable differential transformers (LVDT) that ensure tight tolerances of auto parts and subcomponents in automated production lines.

The LVDT spring-loaded gage heads measure the tolerance of specific points of a part when placed in a test stand after leaving a production line’s casting or machine area. In this high-cycle gaging application, the sensors make multiple contacts with the auto part, taking precise measurements used to determine whether it is in f tolerance.

The NewTek spring-loaded LVDTs offer superior repeatability, rugged construction and intuitive installation. They also are ideal to ensure quality of automotive parts such as chassis components, transmission components, cases and large brackets.

www.newteksensors.com/spring-loaded-lvdts | 856-406-6877


Brushing up on cleaning equipment

There is new dust extraction equipment for centralized vacuum systems being released by Dustcontrol UK.

The good for food (GFF) range of equipment includes the DC 11 module, DC 1800, DC Tromb 400 and the DC AirCube. When fully integrated with all GFF components, the system includes flap valves, suction brushes, flat nozzles, hose connectors, a tubing system, joints, a pre-separator, automatic shutter valves and filter units.

The GFF brushes are certified for antistatic and electrostatic discharge control, with a material composition that makes them detectable via metal detector as well as being autoclavable up to 121° C, allowing for high-pressure saturated steam cleaning. Their color coding, covering five handle colors and two interchangeable brush colors, also allows for different applications in the factory, or different days of the week depending on need.

www.dustcontroluk.co.uk | +44 (0) 132-785-8001


Taking on harsh conditions

BEA Lasers has released a new lens called the E2L Extreme Environment Lens that can be used with its MIL Series lasers.

The new lens incorporates a quartz glass lens into the end ferrule, providing resistance to harsh or extreme environmental conditions, such as welding arc flash, abrasives, dust and coolant. MIL Series lasers with the new E2L lens will outlast other lasers exposed to harsh conditions, BEA Lasers contends.

The MIL Series laser diode modules use a low profile 3/8" rugged laser housing, fitted with an M12 connector, a two-meter long PVC jacketed cable and an integrated power supply. An optional sensor-style bracket, or multi-adjustable “LB” bracket, completes the laser system. The MIL Series laser diode modules are offered with standard 520 nm (green) or standard 635 nm (red), with 1 mW or 5 mW output power.  Dot, line or crosshair patterns are offered as standard.

www.bealasers.com | 800-783-2321


Built for basic and automated systems

The L.S. Starrett Co. has expanded its line of benchtop hardness testers—adding a total of 16 new testers, including seven Rockwell systems, eight Vickers systems and one Brinell system.

The testers range from basic analog and manual control to advanced digital and fully automated systems. For example, the new Rockwell systems include two twin Rockwell-superficial testers with a dolphin nose design that are fully automated digital systems with output to PC and capable of measuring 30 different Rockwell scales.

The new Vickers hardness testers include six micro Vickers testers for handling a testing range of 1 HV-2967 HC and eight test forces. The new digital Brinell hardness tester features automatic loading and can handle 10 scales.

www.starrett.com | 978-249-3551

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