Death, Taxes and Risk

Is failure an option you can’t afford to choose?

Risk is a close third to death and taxes when it comes to life’s certainties. But defining, planning for and managing risk can help organizations create a formidable strategy to mitigate or alleviate unwanted outcomes.

The author of “Clearing a Safe Path” asserts that risks (defects) are avoidable because risk is foreseeable.

He provides a logical framework for creating an organizational culture that refuses to accept defects and nonconformities are inevitable. Beginning with a vision, mission and values that support risk avoidance, the author provides straightforward advice on how to accomplish this cultural shift within your organization. Use these insights as a guidebook for navigating the waters of culture change.

As someone who has seen his share of liability cases as an expert witness, the author offers a unique perspective and excellent advice for a complete reevaluation of how organizations approach risk.

Consuming the Concept of Risk” also provides valuable tips about how quality teams can integrate risk-based thinking into organizational culture and processes.

ISO 9001:2015 puts the spotlight on risk vs. potential nonconformity, and organizations are challenged to approach risk in a more holistic way. The author supplies some healthy ways to address the concept in your organization.

Turning to auditing: Read about a more nuanced way to measure nonconformity in “Dial Down”. The author contends that using a one-to-five grading system can drastically help organizations address the results of previous audits. The result? Better approaches to risk-based thinking and deployment of audit resources.

Finally, “Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks” looks at steps for reinforcing factory floor reliability by understanding workers’ individual needs and creating tailored training to ensure sustained performance. Then, you can use other tools for continuous improvement.

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