A Rosie Picture

Women ARE doing it, but there’s more to do

Rosie the Riveter—with a quality twist—serves as this month’s QP cover girl: the face for our special issue focused on women in quality.

You’ve likely seen the original iconic image of Rosie, which was used to recruit women to factory work as men vacated those jobs to serve in World War II. The campaign was crazy successful, and Rosie’s visage still resonates today as a representation of fierce, fearless females who are capable of “getting it done.”

For QP’s portrayal of Rosie, we commissioned an illustrator (female, of course) to capture the diverse roles of women in the workforce. Whether in a lab, on the shop floor or in a boardroom, these women are committed contributors, dedicated to quality and making a difference in every arena.

This month’s cover article, “We ARE Doing It!,” tells the stories of 12 women in the profession. We asked them what challenges they’ve faced, how they’ve overcome them and what advice they’d give to other women entering the workforce and quality roles.

One key takeaway of a discussion about any specific demographic in the workforce is the importance of diversity, and why fostering inclusion drives innovation. Several of our featured women wrote about how unique and varied viewpoints lead to better solutions.

Contributor Binafza Bhattacharyya sums it up well: “A diverse workforce offers diverse perspectives on problem solving and business operations, which becomes a competitive advantage for any organization.”

Creating greater diversity requires concerted effort. We all need to do our part. Because, as quality professionals, nobody knows better than you do that despite whatever progress has been made, we can—and should—always do more.

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