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Description: In July, the FIFA World Cup-winning U.S. women’s national soccer team used a world-stage podium to draw attention to pay disparity in men’s and women’s professional soccer.…

Keywords: Careers,Career development,Women,Women in Quality

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Great article, very good points, things also sometimes never put into words. Thank you
--Asli Yazici, 10-11-2019

I have got many tips from the article to improve myself into work-life as a woman who have been in Canada only 10 months. Thank you.
--Fetiye Aydin Unsal, 09-14-2019

I enjoyed the range of views and perspectives shared here. I would like to see more information about the ASQ Women in Quality Network - google didn't turn anything up, which says to me that this network could use more visibility.
--Brittany Crocco, 09-04-2019

In my opinion there are many companies that foment the "Gender Equality" but there are others one in which there is no such deployment, When I start as part of Quality team, I was the unique women, and I didn't participate to much, after 20 years of experience I can tell that my Quality colleagues ask me for advice and support on quality process issues, I felt their recognition and after I quit from company, they not have negative comments of my job, as they told me. Now I have a year as Quality Engineer Sr. and it is for me a new beginning, I reached this opportunity and I'm looking to be prepared and battling day by day to meet the expectative of my position. I got good tips from this article, like participate in this section. Thank you.
--Rosalba Badillo, 09-03-2019

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