Uplifting app updated

A free hydraulic systems calculator app has been updated by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

By entering the required dimensions of the cylinder and parameters such as pressure and oil flow, volumes, acting retraction forces, velocity, time, outflow and ratio in the cylinder, the tool can provide parameters for design of motors, pumps and pipes for the piston and rod side of the cylinder.

Interactive images in the cylinder section enable a better understanding of the component and dimensions can be confirmed to ISO 3320, ISO 3321 and ISO 4393. Results can be copied to a clipboard and shared via e-mail.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions first introduced the Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator App five years ago. Since then, it has been downloaded more than 80,000 times.

www.tss.trelleborg.com | 46 410 670 00


New options for constructors

Two new machine control solutions—developed by Leica Geosystems—can expand the digital abilities for construction organizations, empowering operators and machines to be smarter, safer and more effective.

First, the Leica ConX web interface creates a connected ecosystem across construction sites, bringing operators, foremen and project owners together in one digital platform. These stakeholders can share and visualize positioning, reference model and constructed data while other machine control solutions connected to the interface can remotely receive and share information.

Next, the MC1 software provides a common software interface across the Leica Geosystems machine control portfolio. The one-for-all software connects heavy machinery on site, providing guidance and automation for operations across construction projects.

https://leica-geosystems.com | 41 41 727 8960


Sturdy and easy to use

A new, sturdy digital readout (DRO) with touch screen for manual machine tool applications is being touted as more reliable and easier to use than earlier models used for milling, drilling, boring and turning jobs.

Heidenhain’s PT 8016 DRO has many functions including a taper calculator, bolt-hole pattern routine and tool radius compensator. This DRO also includes distance-to-go modes in absolute and incremental, and it can control up to three NC analog, point-to-point axes and a spindle with the PT 8016 active version.

This DRO also features a shop-hardened 12" color TFT touch screen for an IP65 front panel and an IP40 back panel.Users can plug in up to six encoders—either 1Vpp or 11ųApp incremental or absolute EnDat 2.2 pure serial.It has storage for up to 100 datums and 100 tool parameters, as well as the capability to create, store and execute programs.

www.heidenhain.us | 847-490-1191


Manual clean unit upgradable

A dust-tight, sanitary and convertible (DSC) magnetic separator has been released to the market aimed at the food industry.

Eriez has released manual and automatic, easy-to-clean DSC grates-in-housing in three sizes. The standard housing on the DSC is sanitary stainless steel on the interior. The organization also provides customized options to meet customers’ specific needs, including sanitary-welded tie bars.

The convertible feature of the DSC grate-in-housing allows customers to purchase a more economical manual clean unit that can be upgraded to an automatic cleaning unit with simple hand tools and a bolt-on conversion kit.

www.eriez.com | 814-835-6000


Higher resolution, better image quality

SmartRay, a manufacturer of 3-D sensors for quality inspection and measuring technology, has released a new addition to its ECCO sensor family.

The ECCO 95.020 sensor provides an ultra-high resolution and enhanced 3-D image quality to ensure faster production lines and throughput. For example, the sensor offers high speed 3-D scanning of up to 20 million points per second. The sensor also has a lateral resolution of 13μm, vertical resolution of approximately 1.3μm and Z-repeatability of 0.2μm.

The sensor can be used in 3-D inspection and measurement solutions for a range of consumer electronics manufacturing applications.

www.smartray.com | + 49 (0) 8171 9683 4199


Updated with a shunt

A new thermal fuse for SMD mounting has been updated and is now available with an integrated shunt. Schurter’s RTS is a particularly compact overtemperature protection device for power semiconductors used in high density, high-performance circuit boards to protect against thermal runaway.

The RTS and RTS with shunt sustain operating currents up to 130 A at rated voltages of up to 60 VDC in a compact package measuring 6.6 × 8.8 mm in size. The shunt version has an integrated resistance with a very low temperature dependence. This resistance, known as a shunt, enables precise current measurement and enables an additional (nonthermal) circuit protection.

www.schurter.com | 707-636-3003

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