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Cash in with solid salary negotiation strategies

What makes you uncomfortable? Tight spaces? Heights? Negotiating a competitive and well-deserved salary? Why, yes! You’re not alone—it’s a difficult conversation for anyone.

Maybe you’ve done the hard work. You’ve furthered your education, maybe earned an ASQ certification or two, and you’ve led some really cool teams on some really fruitful projects.

You’re ready to move on to a new and challenging opportunity. You’ve pinpointed a role you feel might be a great next step for your career. You’ve aced every interview. Your phone rings—you just know it’s the HR person calling with the offer. Are you ready?

There are few more pivotal events that affect your earning potential than when you’re presented a new job offer. It doesn’t happen often, and it also serves as the foundation for your next job, and the next. Be prepared, and you won’t sell yourself short.

Inside Information” presents ideas for proposing and calculating a justified salary going into negotiations. As the author notes, there often isn’t a lot of back and forth when negotiating salary, so it’s best to come armed with carefully researched data.

Another career mistake people make is falling into a rut and failing to nurture their personal growth. “Growing Painlessly” offers a wake-up call for those who may have drifted into complacency. The author, a career growth and leadership development coach, lays out several actions you can take to cultivate your own personal growth. Dig in!

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