A colorful way to clean up

If you’re looking to create order and structure at your facility, there are new color-coded cleaning tools and shadow boards to consider.

Designed by Visual Workplace Inc., the tools and boards can help reduce cross-contamination between work-spaces and establish standard work. These examples of benefits support organizations looking to achieve their 5S and lean objectives.

The particular color-coded tools that Visual Workplace Inc. offers include push and angle brooms and dust pans; bench brushes; squeegees; wet mop handles; mop buckets with side-press ringers; and dust mop frames.

Most tools are available in black, blue, red, yellow, green and orange. The shadow boards include a colored outline for each tool and tool name labeling.

www.visualworkplaceinc.com | 616-583-9400


An advance for accelerometers

Chalk one up for an improvement in inertial accelerometers.

Additional new g-ranges and end-user enhancements have been added to Silicon Designs Inc.’s Model 2227 MEMS inertial accelerometer series. An accelerometer is an electromechanical device used to measure acceleration forces.

Initially launched last year as a ±25-g product, the series is now also offered in ±10 g and ±50 g ranges.

In addition, the units now include a built-in adjustable scaling factor. The scaling factor allows an end user to achieve greater accelerometer voltage output flexibility, at any specified g-range, of as much as 25%.

www.silicondesigns.com | 425-391-8329


In position to make a difference

New position sensors to help monitor hydraulic and material testing systems have been developed.

NewTek Sensor Solutions recently unveiled vented versions of its M-375 Miniature LVDT Linear Position Sensors, which are specifically designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures while also being able to fit into restrictive spaces.

The sensors can equalize pressure inside and outside the LVDT linear position sensor and operate reliably in temperature extremes of -65°F to +400°F (-54°C to +204°C) and operating pressures of 30,000 psi.

These miniature AC-operated position sensors are ideal for high response dynamic measurement that’s required in hydraulic and material testing systems. The sensors are lightweight with a low mass core and measure 3/8″ in diameter.

The NewTek M-375 Series transducers are available in ranges from ±0.025 inch (±0.63 mm) to ±1.0 inch (±25 mm) and operate at a linearity of ±0.15% of full range typical (0.25% max).

www.newteksensors.com | 856-406-6877


Finding a fine photo printer

Picture this: A new professional-grade photo printer that’s designed for heavy-duty use.

That’s what Primera Technology has developed. It’s called the IP60 Digital PhotoPrinter, and is designed specifically for material handling, among many applications. One eye-opening feature includes its ability to print directly onto magnets. In other words, rather than printing labels and applying them to magnetic material, a user prints directly on the magnet.

Using new, advanced inkjet technology, the IP60 has advantages over traditional dye-sublimation photo printers, including faster printing, lighter weight, high print resolution and ease of loading cartridges and ribbons.

www.primera.com | 763-475-6676


A better way to stay in control

There’s a new series of controllers that can connect with Vogtlin or any thermal mass flow meter or controller to provide a local display of flow output.

The PCU Series, designed by AW-Lake, can serve as a single or multi-channel mass flow controller with up to four channels. The PCU instruments also support multiple unit networked operations and offer process control functionalities for batching, setpoint control, resettable dual totalizer and valve override control.

In addition, gas factor scaling allows users to set units to any fluid. Units are programmable to provide alarm status for high and low rates visually and audibly.

The controllers are configurable using a keypad or an RS-232 connection to a computer or PLC. They also feature remote readouts, setpoint controls and data acquisition capabilities.

Built-in diagnostics ensure trouble-free operation by testing system operating status, memory condition, communication adapter status, display functionality and keypad operation at every power-up.

https://aw-lake.com | 800-850-6110


Strapped in for data centers

New fiber-optic cable harnesses designed specifically for hyperscale computing in data centers were recently released.

The fiber optic cables are preterminated at one end with LC or MPO connectors, although users can specify any fiber optic connector. The harness is spooled onto a crate reel at customer-specified lengths.

NAI, the manufacturer that developed the new harnesses, recommends a minimum length of 50 feet. The length limit generally is defined by the reel dimensions needed for safe handling and transportation.

The preterminated end solution reduces field terminations and eases installation, especially in cramped data centers. NAI offers a variety of assemblies and fiber counts for the harnesses. The pliable single mode ribbon cable is OFNR Riser-rated and ideal for high-density space requirements. A flame-retardant PVC sheath provides a rugged, yet flexible, cable for indoor riser applications.

www.nai-group.com | 480-556-6066

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