One for the Team

Wisdom and advice from past ITEA participants

As we wrap up this issue of QP, I’m packing my business cards and walking shoes in preparation for ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI) in Fort Worth, TX.

Hosting a conference like WCQI is a colossal undertaking, and a testament to the need for concerted teamwork. With an annual event like this, you only get that one chance to shine.

ASQ’s team works tirelessly to bring together the program, the ASQ Bookstore, all the conference-related logistics and so much more. Come showtime, everyone rallies to make the event as relevant, beneficial and memorable for attendees as possible.

It’s an event that showcases some of the best qualities of our team. Each year I attend, I’m blown away by how everything—and everyone—gels to create a delightful customer experience.

WCQI also affords the opportunity to turn the spotlight on teams and team projects among our attendees. The International Team Excellence Awards (ITEA) Process judging takes place during the conference. Posters featuring the work of these teams are featured in the ASQ Center, where attendees can vote for their favorites.

So much great energy and work goes into these projects that this month—in our issue focused on teams—we pulled together advice, insights and takeaways from 10 teams that have participated in the competition. In “Feats of Strength,” take the advice of these top teams on building strong bonds, sustaining efforts, the role of culture and more.

Next, “Huddle Up,” describes the dynamics necessary for teams to work together efficiently. The advice in this article will help you build stronger teams within your own organization by identifying roles, and you'll learn how individual strengths make for stronger outcomes. The author also covers trust, and how you can go about building it with coworkers.

Finally, consider ways to ensure an effective design review process, and the chances of your project succeeding will increase significantly. Find out more in “Constructing Quality.”

Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

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