In response to “The Happiness Effect” (January 2019, pp. 24-30): Thank you, Brooks Carder. Positive psychology has so much to do with quality.

Alexander Kholodov,
Minsk, Belarus


“18 Steps to Six Sigma Project Success” (February 2019, pp. 16-23) provides well-organized approaches for Six Sigma projects.

Mingzhi Deng,
Myrtle Beach, SC


Thanks to Christopher A. Seaman, I. Elaine Allen and Julia E. Seaman for an excellent critique of the net promoter score (NPS) in “Statistics Spotlight: The Complete Picture” (February 2019, pp. 52-56). Another shortcoming of the NPS not mentioned in the article is that certain clients won’t answer the NPS question “willingness to recommend” because they don’t want to be seen as promoting one organization over another. This can distort the reporting of NPS results. But those clients are willing to answer the customer satisfaction question. Unfortunately, too many organizations are fixated on the NPS.

Martin Andrew,
Adelaide, South Australia

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This month’s question

Experts have identified several new manufacturing trends for 2019, including intelligent manufacturing (think artificial intelligence and machine learning), data utilization (how to use the vast amount of data generated by manufacturing processes) and workforce training to close the skills gap and fill the worker shortage. What other manufacturing trends do you see? How will they affect the quality profession?

Last month’s question

Measuring value often is considered a subjective exercise. In this QP cover story, author Jane Keathley specifies several value analysis tools—the value matrix, the value factor matrix, the innovation ambition matrix and innovation maturity model—that can be used to measure value so you can understand the potential for innovation in your organization. How do you measure value at your organization? Why do you measure value?

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