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The author of this month’s cover story doesn’t mince words when it comes to describing disruptive change’s potential effect on a workforce: paralyzing. It’s crucial today that leaders take measures to ensure disruptive change doesn’t cause negative ripple effects throughout their organizations.

In “Sea Change,” the author provides a five-point framework for guiding teams through significant changes decisively, but empathetically. It’s essential that leaders be adept at navigating change and steering their workforces through the obstacles. There’s no stopping progress, and as the velocity becomes greater, the time to jump on the freight train is now.

When it comes to change initiatives, failure is more common than success. In “A Positive Approach,” the author points to a startling statistic: Restructuring has a median success rate of 48%, Six Sigma improvement 37% and culture change 18%. Those are not good odds.

Positive psychology has been shown to improve efficacy of change initiatives. The author details how and why this approach works so much better than traditional approaches—and provides helpful advice on how to use it in your own change management initiatives. A positive mindset can go a long way toward driving the right behaviors and outcomes.

Lifestyle changes may be in order if you’re at risk for cardiovascular disease. Written by a high school student who likely holds the title of QP’s youngest-ever author, “Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” outlines the student’s research project that analyzed risk factors for heart disease using statistical tests. His correlation tests assessed the relationships between several variables, including diabetes, blood pressure, exercise and smoking.

The author, Hersh Nanda, now a freshman, had this project named the best science fair project from his school at the Arizona Science Fair in 2018. It’s exciting to see the next generation of change leaders preparing to step into the driver’s seat.

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