Sea Change

Description: Change is a certainty of life. As we age, interests and preferences evolve, careers experience ups and downs, and relationships begin and end. Change is typically slow enough that we can manage the subtle ebbs and flows with coping mechanisms.…

Keywords: Change management,Leadership

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This article is true in that one must embrace change and be able to adapt to change very fast. New programmes, ideas and forward thinking is vital for businesses to thrive and grow. On much assess if change is necessary and what are the results. To measure continuous improvement, there must be targets. These targets must be tangible and but still challenging enough the keep the interest up. In the end is the change going to bring in the buck? It is imperative that any change does not complicate matters any further that people can't handle the deal with the changes.
--Matti A Koskinen, 04-22-2019

Excellent article and so true. It is imperative to embrace change. The hardest thing is to measure all the parameters accurately and take appropriate action to prevent downward trends.
--Matti A Koskinen, 04-22-2019

Very Good article. Disruptive change can occur at anytime as necessary. Can be a case to case basis depending in the situation. Support from the management, a good leader and teamwork will drive this change to success.
--Raimond Santos, 04-16-2019

--Jeff Frodermann, 04-04-2019

Your article resonates with me. Subject matter expertise in the body of knowledge and the ability to convert that information into a practical approach for the current situation and being able to be agile during the process is key. A quality leader needs to combine different skills with technical expertise to be more influential in the organization. Thank you for great content.--Deborah Coviello
--Deborah Anne Coviello, 04-04-2019

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