Breaking the Mold

Description: I have seen many instances in which the ideas and methods of quality and process improvement were used to prevent problems in the workplace. I also realized the tools used by quality professionals could be more widely applied.…

Keywords: Global quality,Future of quality,Quality skills,Quality tools

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Thoma Pyzdek’s April 2019 article, “Breaking the Mold”, in Quality Progress was both uplifting and a model of succinct yet ambitious writing as he outlined his call to action for social change. The practical examples from Davis and Petty were ideal illustrations. This article alone justifies my annual membership.
--Daniel William Kurfman, 04-17-2019

Suggest members review ASQ's glossary of terms on Variation (see "Law of Variation"). For the few, should be obvious that ASQ could be a leader in a national transformation to the better methods. Deming projected it would not be more evident until the yeatr 2036.

--Tim Clark, 04-05-2019

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