In response to “Back to Basics: The Wow Factor” (January 2019, p. 56): Finding delighters may be harder than expected. How many of us have received surveys from organizations and not taken them? Many consumers won’t take the time to tell you what you are doing right, but if you are doing something wrong, odds are you will get that survey back.

J. Trent Corbett,
Chester, VA


Thanks for the article “Standard Issues: Prove Your Worth,” (December 2018, pp. 65-69) on how to improve the perception of the quality assurance (QA) department with top management. I fully agree that the image of the QA department is in total disarray and often viewed as a department that is an expense to the organization, and quality management certifications are just rituals. The points given in the article will surely help change the perception of top management. I would focus more on prevention and provide data on how the QA department helps improve the organization’s bottom line and make money. In fact, the main goal of any organization is to make money. Excellent article.

Bhuvarahan Balakrishnan,
Coimbatore, India


“Show Me the Pedigree” (January 2018, pp. 16-23) is an excellent article illustrating the importance of data integrity and understanding context when performing data analysis.

David Ulrich,
Eden Prairie, MN


In response to “Salary Survey: Influential and Impactful” (December 2018, pp. 16-24): Very detailed information for quality managers, and it’s helpful in career development.

Jitao Hu,
Ningbo, China

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Measuring value often is considered a subjective exercise. In this month’s QP cover story, author Jane Keathley specifies several value analysis tools—the value matrix, the value factor matrix, the innovation ambition matrix and innovation maturity model—that can be used to measure value so you can understand the potential for innovation in your organization. How do you measure value at your organization? Why do you measure value?

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Last month’s question

With the proliferation of two-day and same-day delivery options, online shoppers have come to expect faster, flexible and more convenient shipping. So much so that customer satisfaction depends on it—98% of people who shop online say it affects their brand loyalty. What delivery experiences—good or bad—have impacted your satisfaction with a brand? What new shipping options do you see for the future?

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