Dust extraction for construction industries

Dustcontrol UK helps businesses stay healthy using efficient dust extraction. The organization offers solutions and centralized vacuum systems to fit requirements in the construction industry.

The DC Storm LPG is a propane powered vacuum that offers a 15-KW motor. It features the capacity to manage dust extraction in conjunction with work involving large floor grinders, hammer drills, scarifier/shaver or cutting machines for surface preparation, as well as heavy-duty cleaning with long hoses. The Storm LPG is fitted with Hepa 13 filters and built to Application Class H as standard.

www.dustcontroluk.co.uk | sales@dustcontrol.co.uk

Embedded system

AI for outdoor applications

Axiomtek has introduced its artificial intelligence (AI) embedded system, the eBOX800-900-FL. This embedded system is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 module, which has a 64-bit ARM A57 processor and 256-core NVIDIA Pascal GPU. The eBOX800-900-FL is ideal for AI edge computing and deep learning applications in smart cities, smart manufacturing and smart transportation.

The eBOX800-900-FL has a full IP67-rated extruded aluminum and heavy-duty steel case for dust protection and water resistance. It offers operational stability with M12-type I/O connectors and four N-jack waterproof antenna openings for WLAN and WWAN use. The eBOX800-900-FL’s various I/O options include one M12 X-coded Gigabit LAN port, one C3 USB 2.0 port, one M12 X-coded Gigabit PoE port and one C3 HDMI port. The PoE port is ideal for applications that require the use of IP cameras or any PoE device, including traffic flow monitoring, license plate recognition, vehicle recognition and machine vision. The eBOX800-900-FL has a wide operating temperature range of -22°F to +140°F and a vibration endurance for up to 3 Grms. It also has a wide voltage AC input with 10 kV surge protection.

us.axiomtek.com | solutions@axiomtek.com


Modules designed for inertial navigation and tilt applications

Silicon Designs has introduced the Model 2227-025, the first in lower-cost MEMS accelerometer modules for inertial navigation and tilt applications. The Model 2227-025 has an industry standard form factor and pin compatibility with many of the quartz-based accelerometers currently used in these applications. This allows the Model 2227-025 to serve as a lower-cost alternative and direct drop-in replacement for many industry quartz-based inertial navigation accelerometers.

These ±25 g modules are assembled on a high-temperature open printed circuit board with a circuit that converts the differential output voltage of the MEMS accelerometer into a current directly proportional to the amount of applied acceleration. This design allows the Model 2227-025 to achieve the low-noise, high-stability, long-term repeatability and low power needed for inertial navigation applications. Final testing is conducted on a temperature-tumble-system, providing thermal calibration parameters that simplify accelerometer use with the customer’s own real-time temperature compensation and modeling software.

www.silicondesigns.com | 425-391-8329

Vision System

Travel system offers versatility for large part inspection applications

The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced its AV450 Automatic Vision System. The three-axis vision system allows users to achieve high throughput in their inspection process, and is ideal for repetitive, larger part-run applications and routine quality assurance.

The Starrett AV450 features high-resolution video zoom optics and can be pre-programmed for repetitive part inspection or driven manually through a trackball for individual measurements. Throughput is enhanced by either QC5000 or MetLogix M3 software that controls video edge detection and multiple-channel fiber optic or LED illumination. Computer-controlled Quadrant ring lighting, sub-stage lighting, and optional through-the-lens lighting meets the most challenging illumination requirements. The system has a 1.3 mega-pixel color digital video camera and a precision granite base.

The AV450 has an external motion control unit and includes a Windows-based operating system with an operator interface through a desktop PC with a 24-in. touchscreen monitor, as well as Wi-Fi network connectivity. CAD files can be imported and exported, and reports can be generated and archived. M3 metrology software supports three-axis measurements and 2-D geometric constructs and corrections for level, skew and datum origin. Touch-screen functionality with a pinch, swipe and touch provides intuitive operation for all users.

www.starrett.com | 978-249-3551

Vision System

Cognex offers fully configurable, standalone vision systems

The Cognex In-Sight 9000 is a series of ultra-high-resolution vision systems that acquires exceptionally detailed images for high-accuracy part location, measurement and inspection over large areas—even when mounted at long distances.

The In-Sight 9000 series consists of two models, the 9902L (2K line scan) and the 9912 (12MP area scan), both IP67-rated for use in harsh factory environments. This combination of large image size and rugged design is available as a fully configurable, standalone In-Sight vision system, offering users a single-camera solution to view large areas while preserving accuracy.

The In-Sight 9000 series allows users to inspect, measure, and identify multiple features within a single view without programming PC or controller-based systems.

www.cognex.com | 855-426-4639

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