“Statistics Spotlight: The Music of the Spheres” (January 2019, pp. 44-45) is a great article. It is an example of metaphor becoming model. I particularly appreciate the tune-up exercise. It not only drives alignment, but it also permits errors as vehicles for learning to improve the harmony. Thank you!

Andy Moysenko,
Chelmsford, MA


“Standard Issues: Prove Your Worth” (December 2018, pp. 65-69) tackles the main challenge faced by employees and the person leading an organization’s quality assurance (QA) program. The topics covered in the column call for an entire book. The column could further be improved by citing an example of how an organization benefited from one of the approaches mentioned. The attributes are a must-have for the QA department leader.

Raymond Medina,
Santa Rosa, Philippines


In response to “Statistics Spotlight: Asking the Right Question” (September 2018, pp. 48-49): Good read! I always teach this to my industrial engineering community here in the Philippines.

Felix Veroya,
Batangas, Philippines


In response to “Salary Survey: Influential and Impactful” (December 2018, pp. 16-24): Very detailed information for quality managers, and it’s helpful in career development.

Jitao Hu,
Ningbo, China

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