Steering Your Selection

18 steps to wise project choices

Does anyone you know struggle with directional dyslexia? A condition where one is so confused by directions that they’re always making wrong turns and getting lost? Whose best friend is their GPS? If you’ve ever been there, you know it can be a helpless and frustrating feeling to have no sense of where you're going.

Even the most seasoned quality professionals can experience a similar sense of disorientation when faced with a tangle of people, processes and potential projects all vying for improvement attention. The true success of a project often hinges on whether you chose the right thing to begin with. But the right road often isn’t obvious.

This month’s cover story is designed to put you on the right track. In “18 Steps to Six Sigma Project Success,” become a project-selection pro by following the 18-step process that the authors have devised to help inform lean and Six Sigma project identification. The framework, synthesized from a multitude of sources, will send you in the right direction regardless of whether you have an established lean and Six Sigma program in your organization, or are looking to launch one anew.

This month’s issue theme is lean and Six Sigma, a perennially popular topic for many in the quality community. Did you know that ASQ also publishes a quarterly specialty title focused on lean and Six Sigma? And that the magazine was recently re-launched with new departments and a new title? Packed with case studies, tips and ideas you can use on the job, Lean & Six Sigma Review’s introductory issue is open access for members to peruse and can be found here: asq.org/pub/sixsigma/index.html.

In the age of Amazon, quicker, more accurate delivery of online purchases has become a customer requirement organizations simply can’t avoid. Read about how these expectations are shaping customer loyalty in “Shape Up or Ship Out,” and weigh in via the Reaction Gauge questions posted on my.ASQ.org.

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