18 Steps to Six Sigma Project Success

Description: Selection and prioritization of Six Sigma projects (SSP) is one of the most frequently discussed issues in Six Sigma literature. If an SSP is poorly selected, positive results are delayed and frustration may build throughout the organization.…

Keywords: Six sigma,Lean,Project portfolio management

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Nice academic exercise, but this model is too heavy and complex for a real implementation. Businesses require a more pragmatic model for portfolio management. Also, there is some inconsistency in the terms used in this paper.
--JULIO C. ENRIQUEZ, 07-25-2019

Something that is critical in project selection is keeping close sight to the overall business system. Improving every component of a system will not translate into an overall system improvement, but in the creation of local optima and sub optimization. Although this may be implicit in the article, for most people this is not as clear as it should be.
The article assigns responsibility to the MBB for ensuring projects are aligned with the company strategy. Certainly, a successful project portfolio should seek to align all components of the system with the enterprise strategy in the pursuit of a clear vision of the future. It should be noted and expected that some components will win, while others will lose, but the overall system will thrive.
A long-term strategy though is not always available and the result of any improvement methodology with no clear strategy will be disappointment. I have seen management disappointment when results do not translate into bottom line improvements. This generally happens when a project improves performance in a given area by moving the problem to somebody else’s backyard.
When there is no strategy, or the strategy is vague, actions will not deliver the desired results. Step 0 in the process should be to ensure leadership has defined a clear strategy, that is communicated, and everybody in the organization knows and lives by.

--Cesar Vasquez, 02-23-2019

Much needed criteria and process that can be tailored for most organizations. Also supports the understanding of the role of a MBB in the enterprise.
--Scott Nakagawa, 02-21-2019

very well organized approaches for six sigma projects
--Major, 02-06-2019

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