The Happiness Effect

Abstract:Thanks to W. Edwards Deming, psychology plays an important role in the world of quality. For instance, looking at the emotional affect of employees can give some insights into their overall job performance and loyalty to an organization. The happier an employee is, the better their work performance is. Positive psychology, or the idea of optimism and boosting the mental health of already healthy people, is a good way to maintain mental health and prevent potential issues in the future. This was tested by the United States Army, who provided resilience training for soldiers who had not yet been deployed, and found significant decreases in anxiety, depression and PTSD in the long run for those …

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Awesome article Brooks!
--Kim Niles, 02-27-2019

Thank you Brooks, positive psychology has so much to do with quality (both help us to prevent rather than cure, I suppose)!
--Alexander Kholodov, 02-04-2019

Great Article Brooks!
--Lukas Cap, 01-11-2019

I suggest also seeing "One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?",, from Harvard Business Review, Sep, 1987.
--Ken Berger, 01-09-2019

Wow, feels like a ray of light shining in a dark place, wonderful article expounding on one of the keys of the system of profound knowledge. I hope you will publish a public copy so I can share this with non-ASQ members.
--Ken Berger, 01-08-2019

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