Camera memory offers more capacity

Vision Research’s Phantom CineMag is available for Phantom Flex4K and Ultrahigh-Speed camera models such as the v2512 and v2640. The CineMag V is available in 2TB and 8TB sizes, offering greater recording capacity before needing to swap to a new mag.

The CineMag V uses non-volatile memory technology to ensure Cine Raw files are secure and saved as efficiently as possible. Footage can be downloaded quickly using the CineStation IV over a 10Gb Ethernet to maximize the total workflow, keeping the camera free for capturing images.

www.phantomhighspeed.com | 800-737-6588


Compact filters occupy less floor space

Schurter launched its single-stage three-phase filter family, FMAC NEO. The filter series can be used in portable industrial machines and is designed to occupy less floor space in manufacturing plants. A wide temperature range extends its capabilities for use in many critical applications.

The new, almost cubed design makes optimum use of available space in the cabinet housing. Designed with the highest quality components, the filter maintains a high attenuation relative to its more compact dimensions.

The filter family also is suitable for use in devices subjected to high EMC loads, such as energy converters and motor drives. Typical applications include converters for photovoltaics, battery storage and charging stations for electric vehicles. These new high-performance type filters also are the better choice for modern day frequency inverters used for motor control.

www.schurterinc.com | 800-848-2600


PIN photodiodes offer high sensitivity and low noise

Marktech Optoelectronics announced its Series 4 UV-enhancement process for PIN photodiodes. The Series 4 process allows for the optimization of Marktech PIN photodiodes for measurements in the UV and blue-green spectral ranges, as well as over a wavelength range of 300 nm to 1,100 nm. The process further allows the Series 4 to offer high sensitivity, low noise, low dark current, low capacitance and long-term stability against UV and Gamma radiation exposures.

The Series 4 process allows Marktech PIN photodiodes to be specified in applications where high sensitivity, low noise performance and long-term stability against UV and Gamma radiation levels are required. Typical applications include color meters, currency authentication, photometry, spectroscopy equipment, analytical systems and fluorescence.

www.marktechopto.com | 518-956-2980


Products designed for small parts inspection

LMI Technologies has released three 3-D inspection products. The Gocator 2500 series smart 3-D laser line profilers are designed for high-performance small parts inspection. These high-speed sensors generate precision 3-D scans down to 8 μm X resolution.

The Gocator 3504 smart 3-D snapshot sensor combines high resolution with +/-0.5 μm measurement repeatability. This sensor provides robust inline factory automation for sub-micron level inspection. The Gocator 3504 sensor can be used in a wide range of electronics and medical applications, such as connector and pin coplanarity, wire detection, surface flatness and stent inspection.

The GoMax smart vision accelerator is a hardware solution that allows users to accelerate any Gocator 3-D smart sensor to meet inline production speed without the need for an industrial PC.

www.lmi3d.com | contact@lmi3d.com


Functional sensors transform complex data

Pepperl+Fuchs' SmartRunner high-precsion sensors make the functionality of vision systems available in digital-output sensors. The sensors transform complex profile data into easy-to-process digital signals, making integration into the overall process incredibly simple.

The SmartRunner Matcher is a compact, camera-based light section sensor that combines the evaluation process and interfaces in one device. The device features a specially preconfigured firmware that enables it to specialize in extremely precise profile comparisons. After initial setup and configuration the user simply inputs the required reference profile using the teach-in mode, the Matcher captures an image of each object's line profile. Using LEDs and a 2-D camera, the SmartRunner Matcher compares the current profile to the taught-in reference profile. When the scanned profile matches the reference profile, the Matcher sends a "good" signal. When the profile deviates from the reference, a "bad" signal is sent.

In addition to the Matcher, Pepperl+Fuchs also introduced the SmartRunner Detector. This light section sensor is optimized for high-precision monitoring, detecting even the smallest of faults. The Detector focuses on protecting expensive components and increasing machine availability. It detects even the smallest unauthorized parts, overlaping and overhangs.

www.pepperl-fuchs.com | 330-486-0001


Modular angle encoders

Heidenhain’s ERP 1000 angle encoders are useful for accurate measurement and positioning applications in semiconductor and metrology equipment.

Consisting of a glass disk bonded to a hub and a scanning unit that scans the fine graduation on the surface of the disk, these ERP 1000s are offered with four different size disks and segments. The disks can have up to 63,000 lines with accuracy to +/- 0.9 arc seconds and up to 2,600 RPM. A reference mark is included, and multiple scanning units can be used to increase accuracy even further.

The scanning units come with either an analog 1Volt peak to peak or TTL electrical interface. The TTL versions can have up to 1,000x interpolation, yielding an unprecedented 252 million counts of resolution per 360 degrees on the largest disk.

www.heidenhain.us | 847-884-4761

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