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Simply put, the purpose of a professional association is to help you advance in your career, and each year, that goal is top of mind as we develop the annual QP Salary Survey research and report. Early on in the process (which begins immediately after we wrap up the current year’s edition), we brainstorm what aspects of salary and satisfaction we might want to delve into as part of the qualitative research we include with each annual installment.

This year, we looked at management support and its integral influence on perceived success and satisfaction. We also dug into the methodologies and approaches being employed—think ISO 9001, lean, Six Sigma and Baldrige—to see what implementations led to the best experiences. Find out more in “Influential and Impactful.”

The salary data you’ll find in the nearly 200 pages of this year’s report are no doubt of high interest to you—especially the results that allow you to compare your salary to your peers around the country and world. But there is so much more to be gleaned from this research.

I invite you to take some time to dig through the results and analysis to find the nuggets of information that you can put to use in your career climb. Whether it’s figuring out whether a certain certification makes sense for you and your future, or having the ammunition to talk to your managers about why you deserve a promotion, the salary survey results can provide the knowledge only a study of your peers in a professional association can provide.

The metaphor of a ladder is often used to describe one’s career path, illustrating an upward progression. But really, careers are considerably more complex than that—more like a mountain climb than a ladder. At many points along the way, you will face choices, challenges, situations and opportunities, including salary negotiations. Follow the advice in “Negotiation Know-How,” to help you navigate rocky conversations and secure the compensation you deserve.

Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

Editor in Chief and Publisher

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