Broader Brushstrokes

Melding your creative and analytic talents for A3 efficiency

Did you know that the hemispheres of ambidextrous and left-handed people’s brains are almost symmetric, unlike righties, who have left-brain dominance?

When it comes to the brain, the left side is widely considered the driver of analytical or logic-based behaviors; the right, used for creativity and original thought. While I think we still agree that many of us have a clear propensity for one over the other, much of the left-brain/right-brain theory has been debunked in recent years. I view this as a positive, in that we’re not predestined to think in a certain way—we can train our brains to compensate for weaknesses or deficiencies.

In this month’s cover story, Art of Improvements, find out how you can flex both parts of your brain to elevate your improvement efforts. The author uses thought-provoking examples of how art and science can blend together to create a better outcome. One example provided relates to the image used on the cover—da Vinci’s “Vitruvius Man," a work the author describes as a “perfect blend of art and science on a single sheet of paper.” A bit of trivia, it’s believed da Vinci himself was ambidextrous, and thus, approached his art with a blended brain. The parallels are certainly interesting.

The article explains how to apply scientific principles along with creative vision to a trusted tool: A3 reports. But I think the greater takeaway is how looking at problems you’d normally approach analytically, or digitally, with your right brain tuned in can provide new perspectives and deliver greater value.

Also in this issue, learn how the strengths of quality principles can be applied in the field of project management. Perhaps you’ve been tapped to take on a project, or maybe you’ve wanted to take further steps into a project management role. The Desired Effect, explains how quality professionals are uniquely positioned to rise to the occasion.

Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

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