Quality 4.0 and You

What the revolution means for quality

I’m no stranger to the subject of Bitcoin. My significant other has a minor obsession with compulsively monitoring the erratic swings within his Bitcoin coffers and talking about the topic with anyone who will listen. Admittedly, I’ve often tuned out as he went on and on about the novelty of completing nearly instantaneous monetary transactions, in any currency, via your smartphone without the involvement of banks or governments, but when I came across the term used in the context of quality, my ears perked up.

Blockchain, the technology that enables Bitcoin transactions, will inevitably revolutionize supply chains of the future, as detailed in this month’s cover story, “The Time Is Now.” Read about how blockchains work, and how the technology will solidify the integrity of tomorrow’s supply chains. As the article’s author maintains, it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s “when.”

ASQ defines the overarching concept of Quality 4.0 as the “future of quality within the context of the exponential growth of technological advancement and the unprecedented rate of change that those advancements are causing.”

There’s no arguing that this concept—Quality 4.0—will dramatically alter quality, how business gets done and the global workforce. Yet the tangible links to our organizations and jobs remains nebulous. That’s because the full deployment of many of these technologies is in process or still on the horizon. “Let’s Get Digital,” details the major technologies that will influence the profession in years to come: cloud computing, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet Protocol Version 6, cyber-physical systems and the internet of things. There is much to know, and much to do to prepare.

We hope this month’s issue helps bring these new and emerging technologies into sharper focus as they relate to quality and your future.

Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

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